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★ Review ☆ Layers of Her by Prescott Lane ~Phyl~

I had a good book friend recommend this to me. 

"You need to read this it's amazing, but don't fall for Stone because he's mine."

(Yes, it was Lil Maso lol) So of course I had to met this Stone.

How could I not fall for Stone, he's a single father of a deaf daughter and he teaches self defense for women, he's all about empowering women.
Who wouldn't want that?
Campbell is one of his student and he's very protective of her, he knows she has issues but he's not going to let that stop him from getting to know her.

I loved this book Stone is so swoon worthy the way he loves his daughter and how he comes to love and take care of Campbell.  
Campbell is great for Stone and his daughter Tate.  
The one words I can come up with about Stone and Campbell is they belong together!!!
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★ Review ☆ Incompatibly Yours: A Fertility Research Charity Anthology

I like anthology and this features one of my fave authors and it also for charity.
The other three are new reads for me.

Great short stories will definitely keep you entertained.

Teresa Gabelman is a new read for me and hers is my fave story in the set.
I like trying new authors as I don't like to read the same thing it's can get boring and repetitive. This story is something new that I have never read before. A  blind tutor Julie and a cowboy Clay.  
They grew up together as they are from the same town, his brother Bo has gone completely blind and is having a hard time dealing, Julie to the rescue. She will teach him how to live as a blind man. Her job is not made easy as he resentful doesn't want to deal with his blindness and hates her.  Julie can deal with that, the one issue she has with this job is her old high school crush on Clay. 
This makes things interesting and I absolutely loved this story

★ Review ☆ Lucas: An Army Wives Novel by Audra Cole & KB Winters


I read the first book in this series and loved it. I wanted to know more about  Colton's friends Lucas and Mile.

Although I liked this book it wasn't as good as the first.

Lovely sweet romantic story and there's definitely nothing wrong with that but I felt it was missing something. 
I wanted more of the connection with Lucas and Isla, I wanted to feel more of their chemistry. 

It does get there but not till the end.


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★ Review ☆ Layers of Her by Prescott Lane ~Lil Maso~

overload copy
You know when you read a book so amazing you just want to shout to everyone that they need to read it? But then at the same time, you just want to keep it to yourself so you can be a greedy #BookWhore and have them all to yourself?

Well that's what Layers of Her did for me.

I finished the book and instantly opened Facebook and got ready to gush about how much this book touched me.
I mean come on, Stone and Campbell are fucking amazing.

I ended up closing Facebook without posting, and snuggled deep in my own little bubble that I didn't have to share these guy, well for a minute anyway lol

This is my first Prescott Lane story, and wow what a way to meet a new author.
I'll be honest, I picked up with book because of Prescott's letter to the readers. (Which you can check out here! )

Being a rape survivor myself, these types of books are hit or miss with me and 9 times out of 10 I am left feeling annoyed because the author got it so wrong.

That didn't happen here. Prescott didn't go into details of the actual event but more on how one survives the aftermath.

Campbell is . . . . I went to say broken, but really, she's not. She's more a little damaged from the past, but not exactly her past. 

She is so intent on revenge to "make things right" that she ends up missing out on actually living. That is until Stone. 

Mmm Stone Delhomme. . . . *insert drooling face*
Sexy, manly, rough around the edges, MMA Fighter turned gym owner, single (perfect) Daddy! 
*Collect your ovaries ladies, especially you, Phyl! I've already laid claims on him. I told you I'm a #GreedyWhore ;-) *

When Campbell walks into Stone's gym, he knows she is different from the others he fucks around with. She's not the one night stands he keeps away from his daughter. Campbell is the one he wants in Tate's life. 

The nurse is gorgeous, petite, kind, sweet and loving but Stone knows behind all that is a guarded force to be reckoned with.
When he finds a gun in her bag he makes it his business to protect her, even if he doesn't know what from. 

This isn't just a story about revenge or two people falling in love in the most perfect of times. Its about healing. Forgiving. Loving. Living. For them both.

Prescott's writing is incredible and she takes you on whirlwind of emotions while telling Stone and Campbell's story from past to present. While this is only 150ish pages, it is jam packed with the right amount of everything. That is not to say that I don't want more. Seriously Prescott (bahaha like she is going to actually see this, but hey just in case) Please do a book 2! I am dying to know more about this little family, and Jade too of course.

I won't go too deep into the story line as it will give too much away, and no one wants that. So lets just say, go #OneClick, get some tissues, snacks and be ready for a #KnockYouOnYourAss kind of story. You will Not be disappointed.
Oh and when you are finished, go beg Prescott for more for me! 




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★ Review ☆ Divine Conspiracy by Rose Hudson

This is a second chance romance.

I found this quite slow to get into and it didn't pull me in till the two main characters hooked up. Patrick the hottest guy in town and Erin a widowed mother with a young daughter.

Patrick is very smooth, charismatic and will leave you weak at the knees with his
flirtatious ways.

The pace pick up towards the end and it got interesting and the way it ends you will want to read the next book.



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★ Review ☆ Shock Advised: Kilgore Fire Series #1 by Lani Lynn Vale



I find it a bit slow to get into, as this is my second read from this author I felt a bit lost with some of the characters. 
I didn't want to give up as I liked them.

Half way through it got interesting and I started to enjoy it.

I loved Tai and Mia and thought they were great characters who both suffered losses and could help each other with their pain.

Everything at the end comes together and it ended up being a good read.



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★ Review ☆ Walker: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 1 by Rie Warren

Walker is apart of a group Operation T-Zone, it's not special or black op they are much darker than that.  He has a great group of bad ass guys around him. Walker is their Infiltrator.

Rie knows how to write bad boys and she also know how to write strong female character. Jade is an assassin  kick ass, smart mouth and strong will.
Walker and Jade have a love hate relationship but they are sexually attracted to each other even though they don't want to be.

The bickering, the bantering, sexually frustrated is a great lead up to their fuck scene.  They have decided they are either going to fuck or fight.  So they do both.

After the great build up, yay they finally get over themselves and fuck I felt it drag on way too long.  Everything after this moment was about how many times they could do it and not much else.

I still enjoyed it and can't wait for Justice story!

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★ Review ☆ Mercy: Sin City Outlaws #2 by M.N. Forgy


Just reading the first chapters you know you're in for a good story, so much emotion going in, death, betrayal, hatred, love and sorrow.  Powerful start to Mercy.

After what has happen the question 'how do you come back from this' is definitely playing on your mind you don't want to stop reading and this is just from the first chapter.

After everything that has gone down Zeek needs help from his brother if he and Jillian are going to survive but they are estrange he's from another club and Zeek killed one of their members.  

Retribution must be made.

Mercy is for the weak, only the strong survive, Zeek is not about to beg for help.

As you are reading this you do wonder how the heck they are going to get out of this mess, things get complicated very quickly.  

The ending is perfect it's what you would expect for an outlaw and a rookie.

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★ Review ☆ Then Comes Love by Lindsay Detwiler








"Sometimes love changed everything. Sometimes love came when you least expected it. Sometimes you gave up on life, gave up on finding out who you were supposed to be. And then, when you'd forgotten what it felt like, when you'd dismissed the ideal entirely . . . then, well . . . then came love."<!--more-->



I haven't had a lot of luck with ARCs lately. Honestly, I'd pretty much quit taking them. And then Lil' Maso asked me if I wanted to read this little gem. She sent over the blurb and I immediately just.....knew.


This was going to be a good one.


I am SO glad I was right! So glad I decided to review it. Sweet, comical, and a story that follows love through three generations, Then Comes Love is probably one of the best ARCs I've had to pleasure of reading. I would recommend it to anyone...and everyone.....of any age.


After the death of her husband, Charlotte is heading off to an assisted living facility. Needless to say, she's not thrilled about the idea. She is certain she's going there to rot away the rest of her days. But why not? Her husband is gone and she's not getting any younger . . . .but maybe age really is just a number.


Annie (50) is Charlotte's daughter, and her husband has just left her for a thirty-something hussy. At this stage in life, after all she's been through - the pain, the betrayal, the having to start over - she can't help but question the point of it all. She doesn't even know who she is after being a wife and mother for so long. And life is already crazy enough with her aging mother and wild daughter. Love is definitely out of the question . . . or is it?


Amelia (30) is the daughter of Annie and the granddaughter of Charlotte. She's in the prime of her life and dating a man who is safe, a man she can have children with and build a life with. But grandma Charlotte knows her wild-child of a granddaughter needs something more, someone who won't stifle her vibrant, spontaneous, go-with-the-flow personality. Neville is not that person. So, when an opportunity (and the right guy) shows up at her door....well, grandma Charlotte devises a plan to free Amelia from a life of decaf coffee and stuffy family dinners.


There were some serious LOL moments. Some sappy, make you cry moments. And just an overall sense of hope as these three women navigate through the messiness of life and love. Seriously, if you're looking for a sweet, uplifting, fun read, this. is. IT! Grab it at any of the retailers down below:


Keep reading....and stay saucy! <3

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saucy Siren pic

★ Review ☆ Promise by Dani Wyatt


This is a first read for me from this author and I found it really hard to get into this story, going on the blurb I thought this would be an good read.

Beck and Promises's childhood have been difficult and it's tragic and horrible.
I couldn't connect to the couple at all, yes they have great sexual chemistry, he's an SEAL so he's very alpha and she's a sweet girl next door.  

I felt there was too much going on, trying to fit too much in the story.  
My mind was all over the place and I couldn't focus on the story.

The saving grace is the ending, it will leave you wanting to read the next one.
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★ Review ☆ Seeking Redemption: Black Shamrocks MC #3 by Kylie Hillman


When there's addictions, abuse and drug use, you know the story is not going to be an easy read and it's not.

Heartbreaking story with Benji and Lacey dealing with drug addiction, physical and emotional abuse.

I found Benji and Lacey to be selfish, I guess that what drugs does to you, you don't realise your problems affects everyone around you.

You hit rock bottom, how do you claw your way back to the top.

Gut wrenching read!!!

I must admit I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first two.


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★ Review ☆ His Confession: The Black Door Trilogy # 1 by S Valentine

Bored with her vanilla life and inattentive fiancé she craves excitement, she needs sparks in her life. 

Enter Darion.

He's owns a strip club, has a gambling problem, a cheating ex-wife and is into the swingers lifestyle. 

This may not be the excitement she's looking for.
The sex of course is amazing, she's opening herself up for different sexual experiences and is finding she's enjoying it. 

Darion has his issue including commitment and an ex wife who wants him to sell his club. Gabi not sure if this is worth the heartache. 

This is the first book to a trilogy, it definitely keeps you on your toes, it's interesting especially the swingers aspect and the cheating ex wife Eva is back, expect fireworks.



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★ Review ☆ Drifter: MC Sinners Next Generation #2 by Bella Jewel

This isn't the dirty, gritty style that I'm used to from Bella, I call it a college romance but I enjoyed it all the time.

Spike is my fave from MC Sinner so I was excited for this book.  With the next generation I wanted to find out what traits of the older generation the young would have.
Diesel is exactly like his dad Mack, broody, moody and grumpy especially towards the woman they are pretending not to be interested in and Mercedes is a mixture of her parents and Diesel's mum Jaylah.

I love Diesel and Mercedes together, she has that pain in the ass sassy quality. When she was trying to bond with Diesel, it was hilarious the constant badgering of

'we are going to be friends' whether he liked it or not.
'Told you, got plenty of friends'
'None as cool as me, buddy.  None as cool as me'

Diesel really had no chance.

Diesel also has that biker charm that I love.

'I'm going to fuck you until my name becomes a permanent fixture on your lips, my girl likes that'
'Your girl likes that'

It's a great romantic college read and I look forward to the next one.


*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*



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★ Review ☆ Teacher by Heather Dahlgren & Ella Emerson


Always taboo when talking about teacher and student romance since it seen as the adult taking advantage of the student but as she is 18 years old that it not the case here.

Trish is a student who meets a hot good looking man at her local cafe, he asks her dinner and she gladly accepts.
Forward to her school and the substitute teacher is the hot good looking man, Levi Wild.

There's sexual chemistry between the two she's in lust and he's trying to keep his distance.  Even though he knows it's wrong he feels a pull towards her he's the one that doesn't stay away.

They are not carefully and they fool around in public, so you know they are going to eventually get caught.

I liked this story it was very romantic. He knew what he wanted and it's funny to see a 18 year old girl bring a grown man to his knees.

Everything was there for me except the ending. . . . 
I was so disappointed in the ending, like what the hell.

They both got their dream which I loved but what happened to them?
Did they end up together?

It just ended with them hugging, like seriously I invested in this story and to have it fall flat in the end was very disappointing.

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*
Available from March 22nd, 2016
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★ Review ☆ Save Me: Taken Series Book 1 by Whitney Cannavina


Kidnapped, abducted and taken from a man who she trusted.
This is called the Taken series so right from the beginning it happens.

He's insane and in love with her, thinking she feels the same way about him.

She has grown up close to her brother and his best friend Forrest, she's been in love with Forrest all her life.
When she is taken, Forrest vows to find her as he's in love with her too.

The sweet dear diary moments about Sierra love for Forrest is very endearing.
She is found and Sierra and Forrest profess their love for each.  Then she is taken again.

This time the kidnapper is furious and hurts her this time around.

I like the first chapter it draws you in, there are twists and shocking abuse moments which you would expect from a story about being abducted. 
It's an awful story at the end and you feel it and you're left hoping.
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★ Review ☆ Colton: An Army Wives Novel by Audra Cole & KB Winters


A book based on a guy placing an ad for a wife as it will help him get a promotion.  You do wonder how it's going to work out.  

When I read that it was needed for a promotion I thought okay it's going to be a marriage of convenience, it will be in name only.  So to my surprise Colton wants a real marriage, supportive wife and mother of his children.

You place the ad and a girl answers it and you've taken a liking to her.  
How do you tell your friends that your wanting to marry a girl you have just met.

I was pleasantly surprised I liked this story it wasn't what I originally thought, he wanted to get to know Karena and to see if a real marriage could be happen.

Lots of talks with real and raw feelings lets them both know there's chemistry there and it could possibly work.

I love it I thought it was a very sweet romantic story and I breezed through it because I couldn't get enough.  

I love HEA and no one deserved more than Colton and Karena. 

It's amazing what happens when you choose Love over Fear.

*ARC  received in exchange for a honest review* 
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