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★ Review ☆ Drifter: MC Sinners Next Generation #2 by Bella Jewel

This isn't the dirty, gritty style that I'm used to from Bella, I call it a college romance but I enjoyed it all the time.

Spike is my fave from MC Sinner so I was excited for this book.  With the next generation I wanted to find out what traits of the older generation the young would have.
Diesel is exactly like his dad Mack, broody, moody and grumpy especially towards the woman they are pretending not to be interested in and Mercedes is a mixture of her parents and Diesel's mum Jaylah.

I love Diesel and Mercedes together, she has that pain in the ass sassy quality. When she was trying to bond with Diesel, it was hilarious the constant badgering of

'we are going to be friends' whether he liked it or not.
'Told you, got plenty of friends'
'None as cool as me, buddy.  None as cool as me'

Diesel really had no chance.

Diesel also has that biker charm that I love.

'I'm going to fuck you until my name becomes a permanent fixture on your lips, my girl likes that'
'Your girl likes that'

It's a great romantic college read and I look forward to the next one.


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