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April 2017
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June 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Rough & Raw: Notorious Devils MC #2 by Hayley Faiman
Definitely the right title for this book, Rough and Raw because that is exactly what you get. We get the backstory of how ...
June 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ All The Rage by T.M. Frazier
I found it hard to get into this story but definitely not because of Rage. I love Rage I think she's a great character diff...
June 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Tiger Shark by LP Lovell
When I started reading this book I found it hard to put down, it's so rare to read about strong female character. This had me...
June 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Sociopath's Obsession: Sociopath #1 by V.F. Mason
This book is not to be taken lightly, it is a dark read and it's not for the faint hearted. Read at your own risk. You have b...
May 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez
I loved the gay man having a thing for straight men, talk about being conflicted. It's the chase for Henry, his ego of being ...
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Hanky Spanky: Erotically Bound #2 by Francesca Hawley
If you're looking for a hot sexy read, this will do it for you.Karen looking for great sex after being broken up by her douch...
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Whirlwind Affair: Erotically Bound #1 by Francesca Hawley
This is a whirlwind read, it was sweet, romantic and lovely.A divorce woman shopping in a lingerie shop meets a charismatic b...
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Storm: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 3 by Rie Warren
In the first two book you could feel the sexual attraction between Storm and Blaize, which is why I was very excited to read ...
May 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Hetch: Men OF S.W.A.T. #1 by River Savage
So I have to admit. I didn't devour this like I have with all River's other work. I stopped and started a bunch of time an...
May 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Jack & Coke: The Uncertain Saints, Book #2 by Lani Lynn Vale
This story is a little strange to me. Mig marries a girl who roofied him so she could rape him and get pregnant with his heir...
May 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Lovely Alice: White Rabbit #2 by J.D. Sloane
Damn!! Where do I start? Firstly, just like with White Rabbit, I want to touch on the warning for this book because I thi...
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Justice: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 2 by Rie Warren
The bad boys are back. This time it's Justice in the forefront.They are back together to rescue the Ambassador and his daught...
May 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ Dex by Stephanie Witter
Harley has been hired by the band manager to help 'Kinky Shine' with their online presence, she owns the blog 'One Track'.Dex...
May 2016
reviewed: ★ Review ☆ EXRated by Stevie J. Cole
Talk about awkward situations with your ex. Tyler is a porn star and his ex Jemma did a sex tape with a rock star ex. No...