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★ Review ☆ Lovely Alice: White Rabbit #2 by J.D. Sloane

Damn!! Where do I start?
Firstly, just like with White Rabbit, I want to touch on the warning for this book because I think you all need to understand just how dark and twisted this baby gets.
  • Dubious consent? Yes, that’s there, multiple times.
  • Incest? Well . . . . Kind of, yes. More of a role-playing incest.
  • Violence? Oh boy is there violence, and I am not just talking about between a bunch of men. Ronan can be a wee bit of a brute with Brooke at times. Inside and outside the bedroom.
  • Anxiety inducing situations? You have met Ronan White, right? Of course there is anxiety inducing situations.
I really just want you to understand what you are getting into before you #OneClick this one. It’s dark, twisted and very very fucked up in so many delicious and disturbing ways. I would hate for someone to give this story negativity because they didn’t understand what they were getting into.  
Now, if you are alright with those kind of things, or you floved book #1, White Rabbit, then ignore my review and just go #OneClick and get to reading!
Now, to my sweet, demented hubby, Ronan. Yes, ladies, he is all mine. Even Jen said so, so ;-)  #SorryNotSorry ;)
Alright, so Lovely Alice picks up right where White Rabbit ended, so if you haven’t read that first, this book isn’t going to make much sense to you.
After escaping the city and Conner’s clutches, Ronan and Brook are now in hiding at Brookes ex-husbands isolated property where they are trying to regroup and prepare for a battle that really is life or death.
But preparing for a battle that you don’t know when it’s coming, how many men will be involved or who you really can trust and rely on has Ronan’s already dark mood, even darker and his patience and tolerance very low.
In among all the craziness is Brooke. She is not some damsel in distress. She is just as fierce, twisted and deadly as Ronan all wrapped up in a sweet angel disguise. She is always there, always ready to help Ronan and support him in any and all ways, especially this battle they are planning for, even when he continues to hurts her physically and emotionally, and keeps her in the dark when it comes to his personal life.
But none of that matters, Brooke knows what her heart needs and that is Ronan, in all his ruthlessness and insane ways.
Everyone leaves. That is something Ronan has learnt to except in life. Those he gets close to, those who are meant to care about him either hurt, betray or leave him. Somewhere along the way he has shut off his humanity. But now Ronan faces more than just the war with Conner & Parker, he faces an even bigger one within his self when he realizes that he will risk everyone, including himself to keep Brooke safe, Because he indeed does love Brooke he will do anything to keep her with him. And I mean Anything.
When Conner’s men come for them, and you know that they will, will this Joker and Harley Quinn couple be ready or will their personal battles blind them to what lays ahead?
Argh! Ok, I need to stop. I am slowly sliding into spoilers and this is like the 7th time I have had to edit this to remove spoilers.
Please, please, please take the warning for this book seriously. This isn’t a story for everyone and does have a hell of a lot of triggers.
Don’t be mistaken, this is a love story . . . . But it’s more of a maniacal love story.
It’s not a fairy tale love story. This is Dark, violent and downright insane. But this is who they are. Hey, crazy people need love too ;)
Ps. Be ready for one hell #PBD  (Post Book Depression)
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