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★ Review ☆ Hetch: Men OF S.W.A.T. #1 by River Savage

So I have to admit. I didn't devour this like I have with all River's other work.
I stopped and started a bunch of time  and for some reason I just couldn't connect with Liberty.
I almost gave up. Almost. Until I remembered that this is THE River Savage!
So after a few days of just leaving it alone, I started again from the start and boy am I glad I did. I couldn't put it down!
This is nothing like the Knights Rebels series, but that not to say it's not incredible in its own sexy way.
This is going to be short and sweet because I am finding it hard to keep this one spoiler free ?
Hetch. The S.W.A.T team leader, Bad-ass cop, mSexy as sin with a dirty mouth who just so happens to be a total sweetheart.
He deals with risk-taking and emotional suicidal situations constantly through his work, but he hasn't really dealt with the suicide of his father, it still lingers at the front of his mind.
His way of dealing? Booze and pussy. Lots of pussy.
He's the dominating manwhore who just happens to also be sweetheart that has you melting at his feet, not to mention a sex drive to drive any woman insane with desire. Especially the one who lives on the other side of the paper-thin walls ?
Hetch doesn't do relationships, he is a one-night deal. Until Lib.
Liberty, the sexy little firecracker with a heart of gold and a sassy mouth who works in a boys home, helping troubled teens find the right path. After a messy break-up, she's sworn off men and sex, but you can only take listening to the moans and screams of passion through the paper-thin walls before you bust out the trusty vibrator, that doesn't count in her sabbatical.
These two may know how each other sound when they orgasm,
but they are yet to meet. . . .
When Hetch notices Lib in the bar he's not taking no for an answer, sparks are flying and the chemistry is insane.
By the time they pull into Hetch's parking spot, the fun beginnings as the realisation dawns on Liberty.
Sex, stubbornness, protectiveness, hilarious moments, breaking down walls and love with every single emotion in between.
Seriously, I am wondering if there is anything this woman can't write, once again, she has hit the ball right out of the park and in true Savage style her men are dominating, sweet, intensely caring and breathtakingly dirty mouthed. And her woman are even tougher then her men with sassy and strength second to none, and Hetch and Lib do not disappoint.
Just go grab it, you really will love these two ❤️
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