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★ Review ☆ The Confessions: An Original Sinners Collection by Tiffany Reisz

The Confession of Eleanor Schreiber . . . . 

Oh lord you will need holy water before you even begin this book. 
If it involves Eleanor you know it will be sacrilegious, unholy and you know she won't hold anything back it's not in her nature.

You will feel very dirty afterwards and need a cleanse.

Father Ballard meets Eleanor

'Do I call you Eleanor? Or do you prefer Nora?'I answer to both so you decide, What does he call me?''Eleanor'

I loved her confession to Father Ballard

'You're fun, I like you''No flirting, wicked girl, I know your type''I can't help it, I spread for Roman collars'

All of their interaction are pretty much  like this. Fun, flirtatious and wicked.
She's a favorite character of mine, she just a lot of fun, you want to get into trouble with her.

The Confession of Marcus Stearns . . . . 

I love Søren. He is a intimidating force to be reckon with, he doesn't bow to anyone and people are willing to do anything for him or to just be close to him and his godlike presence.  
I always refer to him as Søren not by his hated name.
I love that a 16 year old girl has brought him to his knees. He's being sexually pursued  by her.

'I met Eleanor''Lovely name. I hope she's beautiful enough to warrant ruining your life over''She is'

Søren confession to Father Ballard is hilarious, the bantering between the two says a lot about their relationship.


'She's pursuing you''Like the proverbial hound of hell'

This explains so much about Eleanor. My favorite Eleanor moment is when she snuck into his office and masturbated on his desk.  Tenacious and she has balls of steel.

How does Tiffany keep writing the stories even better than the last.
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Available March 15th, 2016
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★ Review ☆ The Original Sinners Series by Ttiffany Reisz


I was introduced to the 'Original Series'  by a very good book friend of mine, Lil Maso. 

"You will love Søren. He's my No1 BBF! But don't fall him because he's Mine, oh and he's a priest."

How could she further entice me besides if she put melted chocolate on him and told me to lick him?

Nothing was going to keep me away from him, I had to do him.

This has been one of the best recommendations I have ever got for a series.
Søren is my God, Kingsley is King and Eleanor my queen.  
I seriously bow down to Tiffany because these characters are the best I have read in a long time.
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★ Review ☆ Havoc: The Storm MC #8 by Nina Levine

If you want to impress Havoc, flirt with him, he likes the chase. It's not a challenge if you throw yourself at him.

Enter Carla, she's basically the female version of Havoc, she's dirty, filthy mouthed and she knows exactly how she wants it and has no problem telling him how to give it to her.

Havoc is still dirty, sex is earth shattering and Carla is his match in every way. You will also find out why Havoc is the way he is.

Nina is amazing at matching her alpha males with their old ladies. 
He's dominant and of course it would make his life easier if Carla just did what she's told but where would the fun be in that. Once he gets his head out of his ass, he will know what he has in Carla.



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★ Review ☆ Adjournment by Emersyn Vallis

Reading the blurb I was interested in why her ex broke up with her. 
I must admit I found it too long to get into it.

Simon flirtatious nature was a winner for me but probably annoyed the crap out of Sidney as she was trying to block him from her mind.

I struggled to read this book, it was taking so long, all the multiple characters and the pranks felt like I was reading a high school book.  

Really didn't do anything for me.



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★ Review ☆ Naughty Lovers: Anthology

Naughty Lovers: Anthology
3.5 Stars 
This boxed set will cater for all your naughty needs. What ever you are into it will be fulfilled and satisfied here.
BBW, BDSM, Contemporary, Fantasy, Lesbian Romance, M/F/M, M/M, New Adult, Paranormal, Regency, Sci-Fi, Shape-shifter, Speculative Fiction, Steampunk, & Stepbrother romance.
These two stood out for me.
She most certainly got the ride of her life. This  story is very sweet just one of those chance meeting where everything works out.  
I love stepbrother romance and this is one sinful read.  It's hot, the sex is amazing, orgasms and panties changing guaranteed.
Definitely one for the spank bank.
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★ Review ☆ Crash and Burn By Michele Callahan

It's all about living your dream, never giving up or compromising.
He makes a promise to his dying mother that he will pick up a guitar again, it was a childhood dream. He meets Erin who is a musical goddess to teach him and when he mets her alter ego Eva he falls in lust. She completely transformed from mild music teacher to sexy siren.

Erin and Chance are great characters, she's kick ass and fights for her dream of being a singer, he's a sweetheart that will have you swooning.  Together there's nothing they can't accomplished. I honestly am not a huge fan of rockstar romance but this intrigued me because it was a female rockstar I thought it was an interesting twist.
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★ Review ☆ Stalemate by Rose Sawyer


I chose this book purely because a few things grabbed me. 
Cat and mouse, deadly assassin, seeking vengeance which leads into the arms of Alex King who will become a pawn in her game of revenge.

So when you read this you have certain expectations.  
Unfortunately this fell very short of those expectations. 

There was no excitement I should have been jumping out of my chair reading this book.  It should have dived deeper into the deadly assassin aspect.

The one thing I did like was Alex and Ellie. They flirt, they fuck, they familiarize themselves with each other's body and they fall hard.

To me this is the best part of the book and it was done well, however I felt it concentrated too much on their sex life then anything else. 

A good portion of the book focused on that, not saying that's a bad thing but you have a girl who trained to be an assassin that alone could have made this book great.




★ Audio Review ☆ Jesse's Diner: Hope Collection #2 By Cardeno C


Diners to me represent homely, small town and comfort so if you're after a sweet old fashioned love story while you snuggle on the couch this is for you.

Tanner has had a huge crush on Steve since he was a teen.   
When he discovers Steve likes him back he is very surprised not quite understanding why as he doesn't think he's all that but Steve reassured him that he is.

This is an older man, younger man situation and they are adorable in their admiration for each other it's very sweet and endearing.




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★ Review ☆ Soulless: Lawless Part 2 by T.M. Frazier

Mind blown, brain shattered, heart pounding.

I don't even know how to even begin to write how I feel about Soulless.
I wanted to savoir it make it last as long as possible, soak in every word on every page. I took my time reading this because I didn't want it to end. 

I have been on this roller coaster ride since I was introduced to King and it's a ride I knew had to eventually stop but I wanted it to end well.

As the series has continued it has only gone from strength to strength. Just when you think no way it's not going to get any better, Miss Frazier proves you very wrong.

You're going to feel all the feels in this story, no stone has been left un turned.

I am Happy, I am Sad, I am Ecstatic, I Am Done, just Done!!!

It starts with a skull ring. . . .

Thia fell in love with what this ring represented to her, gave her a purpose, strength, love and make her feel special.

This ring was given to me by the biggest and strongest man in the whole wide world.

'He could've given it to anyone he wanted, and he chose me. It means that we're linked...FOREVER'

Bear finally has found his purpose in life, Ti.

MINE is all he needs to say.
Those two words FOREVER and MINE  perfectly sums up their story.

I was his forever, he was mine.

No other words are needed if you loved Lawless you will flove this even more.



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★ Review ☆ Dared: A Boneyard Bad Boy Series by Kristina Borden


Rating: 3.5 Stars 
With this description of Damien sexy ultimate bad boy, fucking drool worthy, absolutely fuck worthy gorgeous you have sold me.

Then you add a kick ass female character Summer, author's rarely write female character like this, she's tough, will your kick ass and is full of attitude. This girl has balls, while kicking out her cheating loser boyfriend instead of the usual throwing his clothes out she went that one step further and set it on fire, badassery.

The two of them are reuniting after a long absence, they were bestie growing up but Damien at that point could only offer friendship and Summer wanted more.  This is about the both of them fighting their demons and seeing if they are brave enough to take their relationship to the next level.




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★ Review ☆ ACE: A Band of Brothers Novel by Lyra Parish

Ace is a typical cocky asshole lead singer, what you see it what you get.  He loves his lifestyle, hates his love life or sex life in his case and is bored with his one night stander.
He meets Elizabeth who has been sent to interview him, she's different from any of the other girls he has met, Elizabeth actually doesn't care who he is and will not kiss his ass.
Unfortunately this story is nothing new or exciting.  
Rock star meets average girl falls in love and that pretty much the whole story.
It's a good read not great, you will enjoy it if you love rock-star story.

★ Review ☆ The Spencer Cohen Series #1 by N.R. Walker


Get ready to stalk the crap out of N.R. Walker! 

Spencer is the sexy "lumbersexual hipster" Australian *instant swoon* who has moved to LA for a fresh start. 
He keeps his personal life to himself and stays relatively emotionally detached. Which is a great things for his work. Spencer is the one you go to when you want your ex back.
Its pretty simple for Spencer, he fake dates someone in order to get the answers they need. Either the ex doesn't care and they know its time to move on, or the ex realizes what they have lost and come crawling back. 

Either way, the client gets an answer and Spencer gets paid. 
When Spencer meet Andrew through his friend, he assumes it's going to be just another client, but he couldn't have been further from the truth. 
Andrew wants his ex-fiance back and is willing to go to any length to make him see that they belong together, including meeting up with Spencer and taking part in this crazy plan to get his man back.
These two are so adorably cute! The banter and shameless flirting between these two is easy, and off the charts sexy. It has you melting for them both.
The more they get to know each other the more they develop a deep friendship. And the more Spencer learns about Eli, Andrews ex, the less he understands why Andrew wants him back. Nor does he like the idea. 
Spencer goes through the motions of what he would normally do with a client, only he isn't acting. He wants Andrew. And the longer he drags this out, the more he is sure he will be hurt. 

Finally getting Eli's full attention with a kiss that rocked both their worlds, Spencer now has to walk away and let Andrew have what he always wanted, Eli.But when it's all said and done, is it really Eli that Andrew wants?

This is a unique and sweet read that had me tearing up a little, OK fine, I may have shed a tear or two. And damn was it hot! 
I will say it now, there is not hot, balls to the wall sex in this story, and you know what? It's still hot, it just works perfectly! I didn't even realize they didn't have sex until I was gushing over how much I love this book to a friend of mine. 
Seriously, make sure you add this to your TBR and grab it on release day! 
You wont be disappointed.


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★ Review ☆ Lock & Key by Cat Porter



When I saw the cover of Iron and Bone I was stopped in my tracks. Yes I'm a cover whore and I like to look at pretty things, I'm shallow like that. 
I clicked on the book links and find this amazing series unfortunately I couldn't read the hot cover book yet as it is the third book in the series.  
I gushed so much about this hot cover on my book club page that I had a lot of the other girl one clicking also and loving the series as well.
So I stared with Lock and Key and I seriously was not disappointed. 
This is an amazing beginning to a great series.  Dig, Lock and Grace whom the book is centered around are worthy characters of having a story about them.  
This will make you crave more, but it will bring you closer to the hot cover of Iron and Bone.  One book down, one more to go and you will arrive at Iron and Bone. The cover that started my obsession. 
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★ Release Day & Review ☆ A Virtual Affair By Tracie Podger




A Virtual Affair is probably the most difficult book I've ever had to review. At first, I wasn't even sure I would finish it, but I'm certainly glad I did. In the end, it was worth pushing just a little more until the story picked up.


We start at a very confusing place - a woman (Jayne) looking out at the waves crashing along the shore. She sounds pensive and a little deflated, but we really don't know why. Immediately after, we are thrown into a coffee shop where we learn that Jayne is married to a coward of a man. A cheater. A man who treats her worse than garbage. Her best friend, Carla, convinces her to go on holiday, but before that happens, we muddle through her low self-esteem and debate about whether or not the marriage should continue for a little while.


On holiday, Jayne meets Stefan. The low self-esteem is certainly present in this situation, and though her husband has been cheating for years, Jayne feels guilty for her attraction to Stefan. But, despite her reservations, they begin an email friendship that, over time, begins to turn into something more. At this point, life begins to unravel for Jayne. Literally. And it is about here that the story starts to pick up, where the author starts to seem more comfortable with her story and the way she's telling it.


There are some highs. Some sexy moments. And a lot of real, real lows from that point on. I found myself wondering if things would ever be okay for Jayne and then, just when I think they might be, the rug is pulled out from under her. The journey to healing is long and slow (as it always is), and Jayne ends up writing about everything and turning it into a book. But all of it is still missing something very important, and there are parts that will never be the same again.....How does it all end? You'll have to read it yourself to find out!


About my rating:

I could tell how personal this book really was for Tracie Podger, and there are parts that definitely reflect that. Yet there are others that felt....a little excessive. Like, there were literally entire chapters that I just kind of skimmed over because, even if there were snippets of important details, some of the story seemed to run in a loop - sometimes because the same concept was repeated, and other times because I had already deduced what the author wrote on my own. So, essentially, just a lot of over-explaining.


That said, I have to give the author serious props for tackling some really big, deep issues. Infidelity, emotional abuse, death of a loved one, depression....these are not easy topics to write about, and it takes a lot of courage to do so. At times, I felt like maybe the author had distanced herself from those topics (possibly because it really is hard to actually live through some of those emotions as you write about them), but there were a lot of sections that I, myself, wanted to just curl up in a ball and cry over. They just felt that raw, that real.


All in all, I decided to give A Virtual Affiar three heels because it really just fell right in the middle for me, and Tracie Podger is still an author that I would be willing to give another try. If you'd like to check it out and read it yourself, you can pick it up here:


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★ Review ☆ Bought by the Billionaire: The Complete Series by Lili Valente

Dark Domination
Hannah and Harley are twin sister so of course one has to be a troublemaker thy name is Harley. 
In a case of mistaken identity Harley's boyfriend fucks Hannah thinking she's Harley giving Hannah the best sex of her life.  She doesn't quite get the amazing sex. 
Tragedy befalls Hannah when her twin sister is killed in a car accident.
Unfortunately Harley screwed over the wrong guy and he's after revenge and it seems Hannah will be getting the punishment.
He's a billionaire ex marine who wants revenge by destroying Harley (Hannah) as she had committed a betrayal.
Interesting plot but gets a bit headachy with the switching of the girls names.
I saw Jackson as a loser, really you're revengeful because she cheated on you with your bestie, yes you get mad it's a shit thing to happen but to get so distraught as to hurt someone.
He does make up for it with hot dominating sex.
Deep Domination
You find out in this instalment why he's so vengeful.  He was in love with Harley and she screwed him over by falling for his bestie, they were on their way to be married when tragedy hits. A man he served with and had saved his life once or more times.
Desperate Domination
Seems revenge is the topic for this instalment.  Harley getting revenge for a family enemy.  She's  very regrettable about her revengeful acts.
The twist and turns in this book will have you wanting more.
Divine Domination 
The conclusion 
Jackson is going to suffer again, his heart has been torn out again. 
More family Drama, more great twist and turns.  I spent most of this book thinking Jackson is an asshat but he shows his sweeter side to Hannah towards the end of this book. 
He isn't one to forgive and forget and lucky for him he ends up with the right sister. There's a very strange twist in this part which I hated as it was too much back and forth. Are they, aren't they very frustrating. 

*ARC provided by the Author for an honest review*


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★ Review ☆ Hearts & Daggers: Anthology

Image result for Hearts & Daggers: Anthology 
Hearts & Daggers: Anthology 
Kimberly Blalock, Cassia Brightmore, Skye Callahan, heather Dahlgren,Ella Emerson, Danielle Jamie, Courtney Shockey, A.M. Willard 
Great set of reads if you love this genre, don't hesitate dive right in.
You know you're in for a hell of a ride when you're captivated by the first paragraphs.  Lots of unexpected twist or expected if you know these ladies's work.

Cassia is the only one I know in this anthology.
I am a fan of Cassia work so I know what to expect, well sort of because you never know with her. Mind fuck is her forte and specialty.  She will takes you on a trip, you will hate her, scream at her then you calm yourself and end up forgiving her.

Hot cover by the way as well
* ARC provided by the Author for an honest review *
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