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★ Review ☆ Rough & Raw: Notorious Devils MC #2 by Hayley Faiman

Definitely the right title for this book, Rough and Raw because that is exactly what you get. 
We get the backstory of how Brent and Bates separated. He went away to marine boot camp and she found herself in the situation of being married to an asshole.
Bates comes back and he knows she being abused because she has the same look on her face his abused mother did. 
I wanted him to man up and save her but instead he's being a pussy about it.
I do love that he eventually steps up and in his asshole way he claims her, he made the mistake of not keeping her once he's not being stupid again and letting her go.
Sometimes he can be completely sweet then other time a complete asshole.
A lot of raw emotions in this story will makes you want to junk punch Bates and some are very tough to read.  
I enjoyed reading that he was flawed and not perfect. 
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★ Review ☆ All The Rage by T.M. Frazier

All the Rage.jpg
I found it hard to get into this story but definitely not because of Rage.  
I love Rage I think she's a great character different to what's out there and I love her and her quirks. 
I'm only found Nolan interesting further into the story.  
It took awhile before I felt any chemistry between Rage and Nolan.  
Things did get better and you see that Rage and Nolan are made for each other. 
I enjoyed reading about the two of them and they really are a great match just like TM Frazier other couples.

A great twist at the end saved this story for me. 
There is no other female character like her out there I expected a lot more and I felt it didn't get there for me. 
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★ Review ☆ Tiger Shark by LP Lovell



When I started reading this book I found it hard to put down, it's so rare to read about strong female character. 

This had me intrigued, what a woman in the business world has to do to earn respect.  

Georgia sets her rules very high and won't break them for anyone not even for sex on a stick Landon.  He's everything you want in a man only problem is he's her boss and she don't bite the hand that feeds her.

I liked this book you have a strong independent woman who is attracted to her boss but doesn't want to compromised her integrity,  I loved seeing her conflicted with her attraction.  

It's a situation she's can't control and she's all about control.  It's makes for an interesting read with the will she just let her walls down and just let go.

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★ Review ☆ Sociopath's Obsession: Sociopath #1 by V.F. Mason

This book is not to be taken lightly, it is a dark read and it's not for the faint hearted. Read at your own risk. You have been warned.

This is about sex trafficking children which no one likes to hear about, Sociopath is going to avenge those who did him wrong.

If you like reading twisted, dark, damage and revenge this story for you.  
I couldn't connect to the characters or this story and I have read depraved story before so not sure why this didn't do it for me.

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★ Review ☆ The Spiral Down by Aly Martinez

I loved the gay man having a thing for straight men, talk about being conflicted. It's the chase for Henry, his ego of being able to turn a straight man into fucking a man.  

Henry's a musician and an irrational drama queen.  

Evan is his pilot. I'm a fan of M/M and I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Henry and Evan.

I must admit reading some parts I got lost with whom was speaking as it's told in both male POV.

There are such beautiful sweet moments and bantering between the two. They are definitely attracted to each other and their chemistry and hot sex sesh, whoa.  

They both have their issues with being together I wanted  them to stop being pussy, man up and fight for their relationship. Give it a go and just see where it ends.




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★ Review ☆ Hanky Spanky: Erotically Bound #2 by Francesca Hawley

If you're looking for a hot sexy read, this will do it for you.
Karen looking for great sex after being broken up by her douche ex she's interact with a Dom Sir Lars over the webcam, he has seen her face but she hadn't seen his.  She's ready for a physical interaction. Turns out he's an old friend from high school that's she use to crush on.

After finding out who he really is she's embrassed thinking he's been playing her for a fool.  But he's not he seriously crushed on her in high school too. He wants her to submit. She's ready for anything he wants. After giving her a list of things she not allowed to do, she breaks them. She disobeyed him and now he's dragging out her punishment with very hot BSDM sexy scenes.
Andy (Sir Lars) is so sweet to Karen, she gets the best of both world, sweetness and dominance.
I liked this story Karen and Andy are very sweet together add in their hot sexy scenes and you have a great read. Sweet for the girl who like romance, hot and heavy for the girls who like it rough.


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★ Review ☆ Whirlwind Affair: Erotically Bound #1 by Francesca Hawley

This is a whirlwind read, it was sweet, romantic and lovely.
A divorce woman shopping in a lingerie shop meets a charismatic business man who's shopping for his assistant's bridal shower.   Erika is quite shy around him because she's plus size she's doesn't  think he would find her attractive. Quite the opposite actually he not only appreciates her curves but finds it sexy.
I loved this story, I don't know if it's wrong that I found an erotic story sweet and romantic but I did. Restore your faith that you can be seen sexy at any size and age

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★ Review ☆ Storm: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 3 by Rie Warren

In the first two book you could feel the sexual attraction between Storm and Blaize, which is why I was very excited to read this book.  

Storm and Blaize are like an explosion waiting to happen.
He wants her and has made no bone about it, she's hesitant because she's the boss lady as the boys call her.

They are on a mission together and alone without the other boys and there cover is being lovers.

I loved this story it's my favorite so far, you just know with the build up in the other two books this was good to be a great read.

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★ Review ☆ Hetch: Men OF S.W.A.T. #1 by River Savage

So I have to admit. I didn't devour this like I have with all River's other work.
I stopped and started a bunch of time  and for some reason I just couldn't connect with Liberty.
I almost gave up. Almost. Until I remembered that this is THE River Savage!
So after a few days of just leaving it alone, I started again from the start and boy am I glad I did. I couldn't put it down!
This is nothing like the Knights Rebels series, but that not to say it's not incredible in its own sexy way.
This is going to be short and sweet because I am finding it hard to keep this one spoiler free ?
Hetch. The S.W.A.T team leader, Bad-ass cop, mSexy as sin with a dirty mouth who just so happens to be a total sweetheart.
He deals with risk-taking and emotional suicidal situations constantly through his work, but he hasn't really dealt with the suicide of his father, it still lingers at the front of his mind.
His way of dealing? Booze and pussy. Lots of pussy.
He's the dominating manwhore who just happens to also be sweetheart that has you melting at his feet, not to mention a sex drive to drive any woman insane with desire. Especially the one who lives on the other side of the paper-thin walls ?
Hetch doesn't do relationships, he is a one-night deal. Until Lib.
Liberty, the sexy little firecracker with a heart of gold and a sassy mouth who works in a boys home, helping troubled teens find the right path. After a messy break-up, she's sworn off men and sex, but you can only take listening to the moans and screams of passion through the paper-thin walls before you bust out the trusty vibrator, that doesn't count in her sabbatical.
These two may know how each other sound when they orgasm,
but they are yet to meet. . . .
When Hetch notices Lib in the bar he's not taking no for an answer, sparks are flying and the chemistry is insane.
By the time they pull into Hetch's parking spot, the fun beginnings as the realisation dawns on Liberty.
Sex, stubbornness, protectiveness, hilarious moments, breaking down walls and love with every single emotion in between.
Seriously, I am wondering if there is anything this woman can't write, once again, she has hit the ball right out of the park and in true Savage style her men are dominating, sweet, intensely caring and breathtakingly dirty mouthed. And her woman are even tougher then her men with sassy and strength second to none, and Hetch and Lib do not disappoint.
Just go grab it, you really will love these two ❤️
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★ Review ☆ Jack & Coke: The Uncertain Saints, Book #2 by Lani Lynn Vale


This story is a little strange to me. Mig marries a girl who roofied him so she could rape him and get pregnant with his heir so he married her, something to do with his morals.

Annie is his neighbor and they are both sweet on each other.

Annie and Mig are both attracted to each other but he won't cheat on his wife even though his marriage is loveless and she's a complete bitch.

Annie is an awesome character she does not take shit from anyone especially a ex pain in the ass pregnant wife.

Mig needs to sort his shit out first including said wife and give Annie the life and love she deserves.

I did like the characters Mig and Annie but I wasn't feeling this story.



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★ Review ☆ Lovely Alice: White Rabbit #2 by J.D. Sloane

Damn!! Where do I start?
Firstly, just like with White Rabbit, I want to touch on the warning for this book because I think you all need to understand just how dark and twisted this baby gets.
  • Dubious consent? Yes, that’s there, multiple times.
  • Incest? Well . . . . Kind of, yes. More of a role-playing incest.
  • Violence? Oh boy is there violence, and I am not just talking about between a bunch of men. Ronan can be a wee bit of a brute with Brooke at times. Inside and outside the bedroom.
  • Anxiety inducing situations? You have met Ronan White, right? Of course there is anxiety inducing situations.
I really just want you to understand what you are getting into before you #OneClick this one. It’s dark, twisted and very very fucked up in so many delicious and disturbing ways. I would hate for someone to give this story negativity because they didn’t understand what they were getting into.  
Now, if you are alright with those kind of things, or you floved book #1, White Rabbit, then ignore my review and just go #OneClick and get to reading!
Now, to my sweet, demented hubby, Ronan. Yes, ladies, he is all mine. Even Jen said so, so ;-)  #SorryNotSorry ;)
Alright, so Lovely Alice picks up right where White Rabbit ended, so if you haven’t read that first, this book isn’t going to make much sense to you.
After escaping the city and Conner’s clutches, Ronan and Brook are now in hiding at Brookes ex-husbands isolated property where they are trying to regroup and prepare for a battle that really is life or death.
But preparing for a battle that you don’t know when it’s coming, how many men will be involved or who you really can trust and rely on has Ronan’s already dark mood, even darker and his patience and tolerance very low.
In among all the craziness is Brooke. She is not some damsel in distress. She is just as fierce, twisted and deadly as Ronan all wrapped up in a sweet angel disguise. She is always there, always ready to help Ronan and support him in any and all ways, especially this battle they are planning for, even when he continues to hurts her physically and emotionally, and keeps her in the dark when it comes to his personal life.
But none of that matters, Brooke knows what her heart needs and that is Ronan, in all his ruthlessness and insane ways.
Everyone leaves. That is something Ronan has learnt to except in life. Those he gets close to, those who are meant to care about him either hurt, betray or leave him. Somewhere along the way he has shut off his humanity. But now Ronan faces more than just the war with Conner & Parker, he faces an even bigger one within his self when he realizes that he will risk everyone, including himself to keep Brooke safe, Because he indeed does love Brooke he will do anything to keep her with him. And I mean Anything.
When Conner’s men come for them, and you know that they will, will this Joker and Harley Quinn couple be ready or will their personal battles blind them to what lays ahead?
Argh! Ok, I need to stop. I am slowly sliding into spoilers and this is like the 7th time I have had to edit this to remove spoilers.
Please, please, please take the warning for this book seriously. This isn’t a story for everyone and does have a hell of a lot of triggers.
Don’t be mistaken, this is a love story . . . . But it’s more of a maniacal love story.
It’s not a fairy tale love story. This is Dark, violent and downright insane. But this is who they are. Hey, crazy people need love too ;)
Ps. Be ready for one hell #PBD  (Post Book Depression)
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★ Review ☆ Justice: Bad Boys of X-Ops Book 2 by Rie Warren

The bad boys are back. This time it's Justice in the forefront.
They are back together to rescue the Ambassador and his daughter Tilly.

Tilly is fearless and ballsy, she's attracted to Justice but him being a stubborn ass, he wants to keep away from her at all cost, he has trust issues with woman.

She takes matters into her own hands literally takes the bull by the horn.
He can't fight her off she's very determined and stubborn and ge wants her just as much.

I loved Tilly and Justice together they are soul mates and so suited to each other. Their scenes together are so erotic and beautiful. 

Rie knows how to write bad boys but she also knows how to write their counterpart.


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★ Review ☆ Dex by Stephanie Witter

Harley has been hired by the band manager to help 'Kinky Shine' with their online presence, she owns the blog 'One Track'.

Dex is the lead singer and on meeting Harley they get off to a rocky start.

It's obviously he doesn't want to do this meeting so you know he's not going to be cooperative. He's kinda a jerk and is rude to Harley.

This is a great intro to Dex.

Rockstar and blogger, she has a degree in mass communication and will be helping the boys with their social media presence. They are very reluctant and are not thrilled that she's there. They are Rock Gods so they are used to doing what they want and when they want.

I liked this book,  it's unheard of nowadays not to be on some sort of social media so I thought what an interesting way to introduce the two main characters.  It's not a typically rockstar romance which I liked. 

The road to romance is not going to be easy  for them, he has trust issues and she thinks he an #asshat.  

Throughly enjoyed!!!

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★ Review ☆ EXRated by Stevie J. Cole

Talk about awkward situations with your ex. 
Tyler is a porn star and his ex Jemma did a sex tape with a rock star ex.  
Now Jemma is working at his place of business as a PA, she watches him have sex with other women as she assists with the sex scene (awkward)
Sticky situation are a plenty and things are going to get interesting.
I have read a few porn story and I liked this one.  
You do wonder if they do reconnect and they become committed to each other, how is she going to deal with him having meaningless sex with women as part of his job.
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★ Review ☆ Dick: A Bad Boy Novel by R.C. Stephens

This book starts with a bang very easy to get into and entices you to keep reading and that just the prologue.

Dixon is a dick his words not mine.  A divorced father of two, he fuck anything that breathe so he has built quite a rep as a player.

Being in a loveless marriage Eden is a bored young housewife who just wants her husband to pay just a little bit of attention to her. She's beautiful and he only see her as a trophy wife.

Eden wants out of her loveless marriage her hubby is inattentive to her and their son and he berates her for acting like a whore even though he sleeps around.

Dixon becomes a great friend and is there for her during her separation he wants her but doesn't want to want her, he has issue from his broken marriage.
You can feel the sexual chemistry between Dick and Eden and you hope they end up as a couple.

I loved this book I will admit the title lured me then the great blurb.  I'm glad it lived up to the story. It has it's fair share of complications and drama you're always keep entertained and wondering was going to happen next.

Great story highly recommend!!!

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★ Review ☆ Secrets and Lace by Dori Lavelle

I choose this book because of the blurb.  Dark romance thriller, sexual situations,  adult content, murder and extreme abuse.
I must say I didn't get any of those things.  I would not call this dark at all and there was no extreme abuse. 
Don't get wrong this is a good murder mystery story but when you have the blurb describing the book those things should feature.  
You would not have guessed the blurb was describing this story. 
I was disappointed as I had expectations that were not met.
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