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★ Review ☆ Save Me: Taken Series Book 1 by Whitney Cannavina


Kidnapped, abducted and taken from a man who she trusted.
This is called the Taken series so right from the beginning it happens.

He's insane and in love with her, thinking she feels the same way about him.

She has grown up close to her brother and his best friend Forrest, she's been in love with Forrest all her life.
When she is taken, Forrest vows to find her as he's in love with her too.

The sweet dear diary moments about Sierra love for Forrest is very endearing.
She is found and Sierra and Forrest profess their love for each.  Then she is taken again.

This time the kidnapper is furious and hurts her this time around.

I like the first chapter it draws you in, there are twists and shocking abuse moments which you would expect from a story about being abducted. 
It's an awful story at the end and you feel it and you're left hoping.
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