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★ Review ☆ Layers of Her by Prescott Lane ~Lil Maso~

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You know when you read a book so amazing you just want to shout to everyone that they need to read it? But then at the same time, you just want to keep it to yourself so you can be a greedy #BookWhore and have them all to yourself?

Well that's what Layers of Her did for me.

I finished the book and instantly opened Facebook and got ready to gush about how much this book touched me.
I mean come on, Stone and Campbell are fucking amazing.

I ended up closing Facebook without posting, and snuggled deep in my own little bubble that I didn't have to share these guy, well for a minute anyway lol

This is my first Prescott Lane story, and wow what a way to meet a new author.
I'll be honest, I picked up with book because of Prescott's letter to the readers. (Which you can check out here! )

Being a rape survivor myself, these types of books are hit or miss with me and 9 times out of 10 I am left feeling annoyed because the author got it so wrong.

That didn't happen here. Prescott didn't go into details of the actual event but more on how one survives the aftermath.

Campbell is . . . . I went to say broken, but really, she's not. She's more a little damaged from the past, but not exactly her past. 

She is so intent on revenge to "make things right" that she ends up missing out on actually living. That is until Stone. 

Mmm Stone Delhomme. . . . *insert drooling face*
Sexy, manly, rough around the edges, MMA Fighter turned gym owner, single (perfect) Daddy! 
*Collect your ovaries ladies, especially you, Phyl! I've already laid claims on him. I told you I'm a #GreedyWhore ;-) *

When Campbell walks into Stone's gym, he knows she is different from the others he fucks around with. She's not the one night stands he keeps away from his daughter. Campbell is the one he wants in Tate's life. 

The nurse is gorgeous, petite, kind, sweet and loving but Stone knows behind all that is a guarded force to be reckoned with.
When he finds a gun in her bag he makes it his business to protect her, even if he doesn't know what from. 

This isn't just a story about revenge or two people falling in love in the most perfect of times. Its about healing. Forgiving. Loving. Living. For them both.

Prescott's writing is incredible and she takes you on whirlwind of emotions while telling Stone and Campbell's story from past to present. While this is only 150ish pages, it is jam packed with the right amount of everything. That is not to say that I don't want more. Seriously Prescott (bahaha like she is going to actually see this, but hey just in case) Please do a book 2! I am dying to know more about this little family, and Jade too of course.

I won't go too deep into the story line as it will give too much away, and no one wants that. So lets just say, go #OneClick, get some tissues, snacks and be ready for a #KnockYouOnYourAss kind of story. You will Not be disappointed.
Oh and when you are finished, go beg Prescott for more for me! 




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