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★ Review ☆ Colton: An Army Wives Novel by Audra Cole & KB Winters


A book based on a guy placing an ad for a wife as it will help him get a promotion.  You do wonder how it's going to work out.  

When I read that it was needed for a promotion I thought okay it's going to be a marriage of convenience, it will be in name only.  So to my surprise Colton wants a real marriage, supportive wife and mother of his children.

You place the ad and a girl answers it and you've taken a liking to her.  
How do you tell your friends that your wanting to marry a girl you have just met.

I was pleasantly surprised I liked this story it wasn't what I originally thought, he wanted to get to know Karena and to see if a real marriage could be happen.

Lots of talks with real and raw feelings lets them both know there's chemistry there and it could possibly work.

I love it I thought it was a very sweet romantic story and I breezed through it because I couldn't get enough.  

I love HEA and no one deserved more than Colton and Karena. 

It's amazing what happens when you choose Love over Fear.

*ARC  received in exchange for a honest review* 
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