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★ Review ☆ Twisted by Lola Smirnova (DNF 45%)

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Twisted by Lola Smirnova. DNF 45%



I really wanted to love this book.

From the second I read the blurb, which is incredible, I needed to read it. Amazon and the author state this is based on actual events, which was another draw for me with this book.


This is a story about a Ukraine sex worker who tells you tales of what it is like in that profession in the 90's. This book isn't for the faint-hearted. It is very graphic, raw and indeed sickening with some of the things that come up in their professions. But let's face it, we all know that that lifestyle would hold some truly shocking horror stories.


My problem with this is that for me is first, the heroine doesn't grow as a person. The story doesn't have a point to it. It is just story after story of horrific tales.


This isn't a story, there is no plot, no build up, no conclusion. I felt like I was reading a sex workers journal of many of the shocking moments she and her fellow co-workers had. Which does not float my boat.


Had this been labeled a documentary/journal, I wouldn't have looked twice at it.





Available at;  Amazon: USUK | AU



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★ REVIEW ☆ Paradox: A Knights Rebels MC by River Savage



Paradox by River Savage.
I was lucky enough to win an arc from River and to say I was a little worried going into this, is an understatement. I mean seriously, I F'love Nix and hearing that in this version, he isn't the man we all have fallen for was, well scary.
But in true River style, she hits it out of the park! (And also leaves me with tears, again)
River is well known for her dirty talking alpha bikers and sassy as hell women and that doesn't change with this novella. With just as much raw, heated and twisted beauty that the others in the series have, this one has a darker edge, one that leaves you sitting there with your mouth open wide or screaming "NOOOO NIX (and others) WOULD NOT ....."
In Paradox, think again, Nix (and others) would!
Everyone wonders "What if?" Well, there's no need to wonder for The Knights Rebels anymore. Paradox flips Incandescent and shows you exactly how things could have gone for Nix and Kadence if they took a different path.  One much more dark and gritty.
Some would say you should read incandescent first, but honestly, I don't think you "have" to, but you sure will want after this one.
From start to finish, this has your adrenaline pumping, your anger boiling, your "WTF's" flying, your panties wet (duh, it's River Savage!) and your heart melting even more for these two.
River, I know you don't get to read every review written, but if you happen to stumble on this one, I F'LOVE YOU, LADY! Not only are you (and the other authors) AMAZEBALLS for donating all proceeds to such a great cause, but you are one extraordinarily talented author and woman. I am so honored to not only get to watch all your magic unfold in all of your stories but to also be part of such a kickass wacky family, River's Rebels
Oh and I owe you more bullets for the tears you made me cry ;)
#CockOn #NixFix #AllIsRightAgain #BringOnJesse
Only available via River's website HERE 
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★ Review ☆ Coda, Songs of Submission # 9, CD Reiss

This book is beautiful, brutally raw.

If you haven't read the complete Songs of Submission series, you need to as Coda is the Final in the series. This will contain spoilers for the other books in the series.


Grab the Complete Submission Series HERE

How do you sum up perfection in a short review without giving everything away?

I don't know, but I will try. 


You see, Christine is one of those very rare authors who doesn't just write a book for you to read, she gives you a family, a book boyfriend/girlfriend, or in my case, a book hubby (BH's are reserved for extra special loves that forever live in your heart), the best of friends and a world where you don't want to leave.


So, from the bottom of my heart, I just want to say,

Thank you for the most epic world, Christine.
And for my Book Hubby Jonathan
(and Capo, can't forget him ;) )

Jonathan and Monica, as well as the other Drazen's and their partners, aren't just characters on paper (or screen) they are living people. Every emotion is real, it's felt. Their pain shreds Our hearts while you are reading and before you know it, you're ugly crying while cuddling up to your fav pillow (or in my case, my poor dog lol)


The sex ... It's ridiculously hot! Don't bother with panties, it's not worth it.

From the beginning we have seen it all, witnessed the chasing, their lust grow to love, the hurdles they conquered together, losses, self-discovery, highs, lows and everything in between.


Now, it's time these two get their Happily Ever After.


Sequoia Hospital has taken more than just Jonathan's old heart, It's taken a part of them both.


Her strong, fiercely protective, dominating King has lost his voice, stern hand, and his confidence in himself.



His mouthy, obedient, carefree Goddess is no longer, she's lost her love.

Coming back from death with a strangers heart has changed Jonathan. He can't seem to shake the mistrust and fear that he has of his new heart, of his borrowed time. So he treads carefully and far more gently then he or Monica is use to, throwing the dynamics out of whack.


Monica is on auto-pilot since returning home with her husband.


She no longer feels the comfort and security that his Dominance brings her which has led her to more of a caregivers position. She's taken it upon herself to make sure he is doing everything he needs from his medication and diet to his shit-shakes and exercise.


Jonathan wants a legacy to leave behind. His sudden desire for children has thrown Monica. She wants tiny red-haired Drazen's, but with the reality of them being without their father weighs heavy on her heart.

She wants as much time with her husband, but instead of cherishing and living every second they have, she is stuck counting down the days he has left.
How can these two get back to their true selves? Honestly, they can't.

His time is limited.


She is petrified of the things she will do to keep him with her.


He is petrified of leaving her alone.

Their fear is crippling them, and their marriage is barely surviving.


Coda will take you on a journey to get these two reclaiming themselves and getting back to each other. 


Through their heartache, crippling fear, gut wrenching sorrow, we watch them come through it all, bringing them out the other side, showing you just how much magic true love really has. 


The King and His Goddess .... Will they survive to live Happily Ever After? 

Find out on March 18th, HERE
 Available from;
Amazon US / UK
 iBooksNook, Google and Kobo 

Want to connect with CD? 


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★ Review ☆ Tease Me by Emily Goodwin



Ok, before I start with the review, I feel I have to mention this because it has been happening so much lately with erotic stories and its starting to be annoying.

Make sure your sex scenes work, please! I mean, researching would be a great idea, and fun ;)


If I'm sitting on my ass, I am not able to be rubbing it against his hard-on.

And if he has me bent over and is going to town from behind me, his balls are Not "smacking against my ass." Seriously, give it a try, I bet you find they do not smack against your's either. Just saying.


Back to the review;


This is a hot little read. I did find it a little slow to get going, but once I got maybe 7 chapters in, it picked up and moved on pretty fast.


Ellie is a do-gooder. So, of course, she wants to please her father, the Chief of police. and be as noticed as her brother, lead detective. Being a police officer is a family tradition for Ellie. So she devotes her life to being in the police force.


No one is impressed. Especially not her father.


Ellie is sick of being overlooked at work, of being alone and of being the "good girl" who doesn't take risks and leads a boring life.


She is struggling to make ends meet, her only friend has just moved away and with being recently dumped by her gay boyfriend, extremely sexually frustrated.


Life can't any get worse, right?


Ellie heads out on a secret solo mission to impress her father and get that promotion that he keeps knocking her back on, but things turn sour real fast when she finds herself at the mercy of a very dangerous and sexy wanted man.


Alejandro Calaveras.


Rich, sexy and extremely powerful.

Being the most notorious drug lord in Mexico doesn't leave room for a personal life.

You cant have friends or lovers when you can't trust anyone to be close to you.

Alejandro makes up for that with the best women money can buy, but he is bored with them.


There's no challenge having women fall at your feet for money.


When he gets a call about a cop being held captive in his warehouse, he heads out to take care of the problem.


Never in his dreams did he expect to find Ellie.

She knows being attracted to him is dangerous, He knows she is in danger being with him. But that doesn't stop the sparks from flying and panties evaporating.


Will Alejandro's desire for Ellie finally push her to let go and be the bad girl she's been dying to let loose?


You will have to read it to find out!


Available Now!



Book #2, Tempt Me



Book #3, Take Me
For latest news on Emily Goodwin, find her here;

★ Review ☆ Run to You by Kandice Michelle Young

Kandice Michelle Young's debut novel has love, hot sex, secretive sexy alpha, a damaged woman and finding trust and security in the lest likely places. This one leaves you on a cliffy that will either have you pulling your hair out, or begging for more.
Dani doesn't come from money; she believes one should earn everything they have, and that just what she has done. She worked hard and graduated from UCLA and has just moved to New York with her gay bestie, who is her rock, and vice versa.
But not everything is all peaches for Dani, she is fighting some serious demons, but is determined to not let them define the woman she is.
Starting her new job in her dream company, P.E.S, everything seems to be happening for her and her fresh start.
Then he enters...
Sebastian Black, the most eligible billionaire bachelor.
He has a long line of women wanting his time, and he's willing to give it to selected women. So long as they sign his very strict contract.
When his eyes meet Dani's, it's an instant off the charts connection. He knows he must have her and he makes sure that he does.
It doesn’t take long before Sebastian starts breaking all of his own rules just to keep Dani in his life.
But Dani isn’t the only one with some demons; Sebastian has his own secrets that he holds close to his chest.
Will they tear these two apart, or will their love win out?
Ok, so the story sounds good, right? We thought that too, but don't completely agree anymore.
The book is roughly 300 pages, and I struggled to read at least 200 of them. I mean, I Choose to clean the bathroom instead of reading this book
Let me explain why.
I’ve seen comments here and there about this book, and they all say the same kind of thing.

"It’s like fifty shades"


Well, they aren't wrong there, and that’s not really a good thing.
The reason it’s like "reading Fifty Shades" again, is because you basically are.
I felt like I had read this story, a few times actually.
For me, I found far too many similarities with situations, locations and speech between Sebastian and E.L James' Christian Grey and Jodi Ellen Malpas' Jesse Ward.
I can list at least 7 Massive similarities between Run to You and Fifty Shades and This Man trilogy, and for me, that is far too many and this needed to be brought up.
I can hear you all now,

"So why a 3 star rating if it’s basically a few books thrown together to make one?"


That’s simple, the beginning was so promising, the first chapter had me; I mean I was completely invested in this story.
And then Christian Grey entered, I mean Jesse Ward... Sorry, I mean Sebastian Black, and that's when everything went downhill.
It did pick back up towards the end and I found myself getting into the book again. Sadly though, (for me) the final chapter was just like reading a scene straight from Fifty Shades Red Room.
So, will I read book #2, Run From You?
Yes. I will give it a try, and hopefully, this one is more of an original.
I would love to know more from Dani's past, that part is what drew me in to start with.
The same with Sebastian's past, I think he could have a great story to tell.
Kandice is a new author with A LOT of potentials, and I would love for her to succeed with this series.
*Nyx has marked this as DNF at 45%*
Pre- Order Today
Meet the Author
Kandice is…
…a serial lover of all things pink, self-proclaimed chocoholic, home-schooling mother, and wannabe yogi.
Her debut erotica novel, Run to You, the first in the series Run, is coming soon.
Kandi’s love of storytelling can be traced back to her fourth grade year, when a history lesson on Native Americans became too unimaginative for her liking. She took it upon herself to liven things up by creating a story that was based on half-truths about a self-named Indian Princess. Kandice is in fact of Native American heritage (her great-grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee) and in her own mind a princess, so you can see where her inspiration came from. Her story was a huge hit with friends, and an author was born.
Kandice was born and raised in rural Arkansas, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Though, if you ask her she’ll confirm that her soul is lost somewhere on the west coast waiting for the day that her body can rejoin it.
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★ Review ☆ Reclaimed, Knights Rebels MC #2.5 By River Savage

Postpartum depression.

It’s something we all know exists, but it’s not something that is often spoken about in the books we read. Come to think of it, I’ve not read a single book (or novella) that has postpartum depression as the main focus. I guess a lot of authors don’t want to create that kind of shit-storm in their stories.


I for one am glad it was River that wrote this story. She is an author who doesn’t shy away from the ugliness that life throws at us all; instead, she drags us through hell and then shows us that there really is happiness on the other side. Seriously this woman can write anything and it will be a 5-star #OneClick read.


In Incandescence, we fall in love with Nix for this dirty mouth, his fierce love for his woman and of course, all that hot alpha-ness that just drips from him. Kadence and her sassy mouth, no shit-taking attitude had me with a serious girl crush. In Reclaimed, we see a different side to these two.


Kadence is a newly married woman to The Nix Knight and a mother to Z and new baby, Harlow.She should be on top of the world, right? Wrong.


Kadence isn't bonding with Low and she doesn't understand why. Motherhood has dragged her into the dark depths of depression where not only does she fear she's failing as a mother and wife, but that perhaps this was a mistake.


She doesn't want to be with her daughter more than absolutely necessary, and the thought of having to be alone with Low spikes a fear so powerful, it practically leaps off the page. being When Nix forces her to look after Low on her own in a last attempt to try and bring her back, her anxiety hits rock bottom.


All too often the father's struggles are forgotten when a mother goes through postpartum depression. Thankfully, River shows just how hard it is for the husbands too. How much of a strain it places on the marriage, and how Love isn’t a fight, but something worth fighting for.

Nix loves his family fiercely. His loyalty and devotion to Kadence shine through like a beacon in this dark time.


He is falling apart. He feels like he has failed his family, failed his wife. Kadence may be there in body, but he has lost the woman he fell in love, her fire and sass have been put out and he has no idea how to get her back.She isn't the only one lost thought.


Nix has lost part of himself over the last few months while he has been treading water, keeping them both afloat.


Nix will stop at nothing to bring her back to him, to bring them both back.


In true River style, you can expect things to heat up and leave you hot and bothered. This novella may have a lot of pain and self-discovery, but as always, you are left laughing your ass off and begging for more.


Let's not forget, this is a Knights Rebels novella, meaning we get a little fix of Sy, Holly, Jesse, Beau, and Brooks.


There is always a light at the end, even if it is in the form of an alpha biker with something small and blue ;)


RiversRebels #NixFix #CockOn #OneClick
Available for #OneClickNOW Pre-Order
(Released on February 17th!)
Reclaimed will follow Nix and Kadence but ALL the MC men have an appearance, so it is crucial that you read the start of their story in Incandescent.
Knights Rebels #1, Incandescent;
Review / Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU / Amazon UK
B&N / Kobo / iBooks
Knights Rebels #2, Affliction;
Review / Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU / Amazon UK
B&N / Kobo / iBooks
Want to connect with River Savage for up to date details of exciting news and up coming releases?
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★ Review ☆ Tasting The Teacher: Lessons in Lust #1 by Jodie Jacobs

Hmm... How does one review a 16-page story without giving everything away?

Alright, I am going to slap a huge SPOILER warning right here, because I don't think it's possible for me not to give anything away.


When I was contacted to review this, I was told it was a "hot 15-minutes' entertainment"

Now, I didn't take her fully serious. I thought maybe it was like 30-40 pages but was so good/hot that it felt like 15 minutes. She wasn't kidding, I actually finished it in less than 15 minutes.


Because it's roughly 16 pages long, I can not justify giving it more than 3 stars. It's not because it's not a good story, it's sheerly because it's basically 16 pages of sex.

I love me some hot sex scenes, and this has Hot Sex, but I do like a story to go with it, and that's not something I found with this one.


Damon is your typical 18-year-old, he spends his time in class fantasizing about having sex with his maths teacher instead of doing his actual work.

When confronted with the reality of not passing, he confesses to Miss Jordan that he is willing to do anything he has to in order to pass maths.


Funnily enough, Miss Jordan is only too happy to help and has him meet her at the library after closing.

Things heat up instantly, bringing Damon's fantasies crashing into his reality.

But it looks like Miss Jordan has some other ideas...


*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*
Available Now;



Book #2, Two for the Teacher



About the Author;

Jodie spends her days on the Queensland Coast, Australia, with her head tucked in a book and her fingers hard at work on her laptop.

Enjoying her quiet family life with her husband and son, Jodie finds pleasure in giving readers a taste of the naughty and the erotic.



★ Review ☆ What Doesn't Destroy Us: Devil's Dust MC #1 by M.N. Forgy

"Lust like a saint, trust like a sinner."

Fan-fucking-tastic! These days, so many of the books all feel the same but with a few names and places changed. Thankfully, that is not the case with this one.

M.N Forgy has a fresh, raw and passionate book, with characters that just leap off the page and into your heart.

Warning: There is a HUGE cliffhanger! It seriously left me stunned and trying to for fully flip pages that don't exist. My advice, grab book 2 before you start, you will need it right away!
Dani is a very innocent and sheltered twenty-one-year old whose life is constantly ruled by her controlling mother who is set on keeping her inline and on the "right" path, at all costs.

For as long as she can remember; she’s always been a disappointment to her mother, starting right from being her father’s daughter.

A man she knows nothing about, nothing besides her mother’s hatred for him, thus bleeding into her resentment and fear that Dani will be just like her father.

"You came from trash; you might as well live like it."

When her mother comes crashing in with blood on her face and looking like a train wreck at the hands of her boyfriend, demanding they leave for California right away, Dani obeys but she wants answers.

Dani learns that they are in some serious trouble, her mother has seen too much and now needs some help from Bull, the ruthless President of Devil’s Dust MC, the man they are seeking protection and refuge with. Her Father, who has no idea she even exists.

"We need the type of help only an outlaw club like your father belongs to can give."

With her world already spinning on its axis, Dani walks right into the mouth-watering Sargent-At-Arms of Devil’s Dust MC, Shadow and sparks begin to fly instantly.

With all the secrets, lies and danger, she knows she should stay away, Shadow is everything her mother has tried to keep her safe from, he is the kind of man who will tear her apart and leave her in pieces when he is done. But she can’t resist him; his darkness calls to her, he makes her feel home.
Shadow has had a hard life and was forced to learn to survive on his own at a young age. When his father passed away, Shadow’s world came crashing down, his mother found comfort in the tube of a needle, caring less and less about what he was doing or where he was.

It wasn’t long before he found himself in more trouble than he could handle, trouble that led him to the MC, that gave him a new family. His Brothers.

"They said I was the kid that lives within his Shadow, no soul, no remorse."

He doesn’t love, he doesn’t do relationships, he doesn’t want an ‘Ol lady, and he doesn’t trust.

When Dani is thrown into his life, she has him in knots, has him wanting things he didn’t think he could have. He wants to let her in and trust her.

But club law makes the daughter of the President is off limits, it’s a death wish to mess with her.

The pull is too strong to fight.

"I don't care if my mother finds us, and he doesn't care if my father kills him. We cannot deny the attraction that consumes us, brands us."

The MC live a completely different world to what Dani has ever known, Shadow is worried he will destroy her with his darkness, with his way of life. But the Princess of Devil’s Dust has her own darkness; after all, she is her father’s daughter, and the MC is quickly becoming her home.

"I know you have Devil’s Dust Blood in you, and I think you know it , too. I saw the ferocious woman in you finally escape tonight; the woman your mother has been scared shitless to let out. You are your father’s daughter, no doubt,"

With crazy mothers, a gun welding father and enough secrets to fill the ocean, can Shadow give her everything she needs and keep her safe? Can Dani show him that he can trust her with his heart and his life?

"I’m the fucking Sargent-At-Arms of the Devil’s Dust Motorcycle Club. I’m a murderer, an outlaw, a fucking beast. There are no white picket fences and Sunday brunches on this side."

I guess you will have to get your hands on a copy and find out all about the green-eyed Princess of the MC and the dirty talking, heart-stopping Sargent-At-Arms.




Available Now!
More from the Devil's Dust MC series;
The Scars That Define Us, Devil's Dust MC #2
The Broken Pieces Of Us, Devil's Dust MC #2.5
(previously found in the Unsound Anthology)
The Fear That Devides Us, Devil's Dust MC #3
Pre-Order March 10th, 2015
Love That Defies Us, Devil's Dust MC Novella
February 10th, 2015
M.N. Forgy is a soccer mom by day and a saucy writer by night. She started writing at a young age but never took it seriously until years later, as a stay-at-home mom, she opened her laptop and started writing again. As a role model for her children, she felt she couldn't live with the "what if" anymore and finally took a chance on her character's story. So, with her glass of wine in hand and a stray Barbie sharing her seat, she continues to create and please her fans.

☆ ҉ ☆ Review ☆ ҉ ☆ Blood & Rust: New York Crime Kings #1 by Skyla Madi

Blood & Rust (New York Crime Kings, #1)
Blood & Rust  
New York Crime Kings #1
by Skyla Madi


I don't normally do fighting stories, not because they don't appeal to me, just that I have found that 9 times out of 10 I ditch the story before the end.
People tend to add far too much gore, unrealistic scenes and just downright dribble where I am left with motion-sickness from shaking my head.

So you're probably wondering why on earth I accepted an ARC of Broken (Newly named, Blood & Rust).

I have a bit of soft spot for the Aussie authors with being an Aussie myself, so when I happened to stumble upon Skyla through another Author (who is the totally amazeballs, River Savage) I had to check out her book.

Right from the blurb, I was intrigued but didn't hold out much hope with a number of letdowns in the same genre.

This was my first Skyla Madi experience, and let me tell you, that woman took me for a ride that left my heart racing, eyes sore and panties missing ;) Oh the cliffy. Yes, be warned, that cliffy is a pretty big one. It left me calling out,


It all starts here, this is where my love for this author starts. Not to mention my almost instant love affair with Jai.

Jai = Jye
It rhymes with pie.
Mmm, pie.

Student - nurse Emily is struggling to make ends meet and when Jai comes along and literally crashes into her, knocking her tablet to the ground this is the last straw.

She follows him into the night in a shady area, trying to get his attention, to demand he repair what he broke.

Jai is trying to keep his head down and stay unnoticed. He has a job to do and doesn't need any distractions.

Then she happens.

Emily puts herself in a situation that is life-changing.

"I hold my breath while he turns, confused. Then, he spots me and he pulls his brows together, making shadows pool in the hollows of his face.
He’s dangerous."

In order to save her life, Jai must drag her underground, to a very secret, organized illegal fight club, one she might not get out alive.

Jai doesn't want to get involved. He wants to regain the money he lost to save her life and then to get her out. Preferably Alive.

Emily wants nothing than to get out and forget all about this.

But that soon changes.

Parts of their pasts are reviled, and it turns out, neither is what they seem. Emily may be a little innocent and naïve, but she has a darkness to her, an edge that he can see. She likes the thrill of the unknown, the dirtiness and the danger.And the brooding alpha Jai ticks all those boxes.

"I own you," he says, his voice stoking the fire in my blood. "I owned you the second I had you pinned against the warehouse."

The chemistry between these two is insane.

And it isn't long before the inevitable happens, and Damn does it heat up fast!

"Jai’s body covers mine, pushing me harder against the dirty tunnel wall, his hard cock pressing fiercely into my ass cheek. I don’t know what happened between our conversation in the bar and our tiny nook, but somewhere between there and here, we decided we were going to fuck.

Things spiral fast.

With the heat being turned up between them, the threat of Skull, the leader of the organization, finding out she's an imposter, and the impending fight that could end either of them approaching, the adrenalin is off the charts.

Emily knows she needs Jai to survive the underground.

She must survive the fight to move on. To pay Jai back and to live long enough to get free.

Until Skull steps in with his own agenda ...

Will it all be too much for Emily?

Can Jai really keep her safe from the seedy underground and himself?

You will just have to grab a copy and find out ;)




~Purchase Links~
Or grab the box set containing the first 4 books!
(Blood & Rust, Sin & Secrets, Smoke & Metal, Rage & Bullets)
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★ Review ☆ Play Hard: Hot For Him #1 J.T. Fox

Title: Play Hard
Series: Hot For Him #1
Author: J.T. Fox

This is J.T. Fox's debut novella, and while I enjoyed the story, my exceptions fell very short due to the warning. 

"WARNING: Contains two dirty-talking, hard-f*cking, no-apology-making alpha males. Read at your own risk." 

Let's just get this out there, There is NO hard fucking. There is No fucking at all. 
There is a hot handjob and a steamy head job, and some hot self-pleasuring, but that is where it ends. Which is why my rating is a 3.5 star.

Now, before someone gives me the "there doesn't have to be sex in a book" comment, that is true, but I was under the impression I was in for some hot, hard alpha sex, which turned out to be a letdown.


Alright, now with that out of the way, let's get to the story. 


NFL superstar, Eric "The Brick" Higgins has it all. The luxurious childhood, the money, talent, the looks, the heart and the sworn of adoring fans. But Eric doesn't have one thing that he has wanted for years. He doesn't have Jordan. 


Jordan Barr grew up opposite from Eric. Family is everything. Losing his dad ay a young age and his mother suffering from MS, Jordan had to grow up fast to make sure he could give his family the best he could. Which meant his love life being benched until his sister has finished school, but for him, its a sacrifice worth making. 


Eric and Jordan haven't seen each other for years, but when fate throws them together again, the desire Eric once felt for Jordan has been set on fire and he isn't shy about letting him know. 


Getting involved with Eric is the last thing Jordan needs. Just coming back from an injury and the recent scandal between their football clubs, Jordan knows its a bad idea. But sometimes you can't fight what feels right. 


There is something standing in their way, Neither of these men are openly gay. 
While Eric would probably do fine, this is a secret that could destroy all that Jordan has worked hard for. . . . 


This story end of a serious cliffy! 


Now, while I was let down a little with this story, I will still be on the lookout for part two, Play Harder. This debut author has the potential to make this into a memorable series.



Available Now! 

★ Review ☆ The Collar of Freedom, The Collar Duet #1 by Alexandra I


Firstly, I feel I need to give you guys a bit of background on this one.

I was in a serious runt when I was given an ARC a while back for this before it was released and contacted the authors PA because I couldn’t give it anything over a 3 star, to be completely honest, it would have been more of a 1 -2 star rating, which as you guys know, I don’t like to do.


Something about the book just wasn’t sitting with me; I couldn’t get into it and also has some serious problems with both Alexander and Amelia (lead characters.)

Well, Alexandra I contacted me in regards to the second book in The Collar Duet Series, and I thought, why not give this little book a re-read.

I am glad I did.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have a few issues (I'll get to later), but nothing like before, hence the 4 Kinky Heels rating.


After finding out she was pregnant, Amelia married to the only man she’s ever been with, literately. She sacrificed her family and friends and moved herself and her twins from the US to England to support his career. They were only supposed to be there a year, but 10 years later they are still in London and in a very loveless and lonely marriage. One where it appears her husband is more interested in dragging her down, instead of putting her on a throne as a loving husband should.


Amelia has lost part of herself, part of who she is other than a mother and a wife, she is questioning where her life could have gone if she hadn’t had the kids so soon into the relationship and the only thing she gets excited with anymore is cars, she is total car-whore. I can totally respect and understand being a car/bike-whore myself.


Then enters Alexander Reeves in The Trident Iceni Grand Tourer (for the non-car-whores, I will add a picture below, Alexandra picked one of the sexiest cars around.)


The new boss from the US renders Amelia speechless with his alluring physique, powerful and dominating presence and his voice …. Low, husky and a complete knee-weakening sound.


The moment their eyes lock, nothing else exists. The instant sexual chemistry oozing from the pair of them is insane and has her running off to meet up with her hubby for some spontaneous sex after Alexander making her all hot and bothered, something that just doesn’t happen too often.

For Alexander, he Has to have her, he doesn’t care if she is married or not, he knows he had her wet, and if he makes her wet, he believes it’s his right to satisfy her, no matter what.


Amelia, doesn’t want an affair, she doesn’t want to be a cheater and put that out there right away, but that doesn’t stop her, nor does that it stops Alexanders advancements towards her.

"You have my word, I will not fuck you. I will not touch you at all. In theory, you are not cheating and I am not interfering. I have said, if I make you wet, I would like to see you come. That’s all. No touching, hugging, pillow talk. There is nothing profound in this. I am not falling in love with you, and you’re not having an affair with me. In fact, if I get another woman wet and deprived, I’d expect her to come for me too. Of course, unless she is single. Then I’d fuck her brains out."


This is where I have a problem. With both Alexander and Amelia

Throughout all this, Alexander keeps up with the "I don’t do affairs" speech, but at Every opportunity, he is all over Amelia like a rash for one reason or another, normally to get her to agree to masturbate for him.


And Amelia is just the same, thinking that by doing what he wants, that he will leave her alone and she can go back to her worthless marriage and that everything is perfectly fine.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s beyond hot and "just" a book, it bugs me to no end that they think having her masturbate for him isn’t classed as cheating.


Call a spade a spade, and be done with it. I wouldn’t have had an issue with any of that IF it was just put out there that he didn’t care about anything other than watching her come for him, and in all honesty, that’s what she really wanted also. Other than that issue, it’s damn hot!


Ok, back to the story.


When Amelia gives in, things heat up fast. The sex will burn up the pages and your panties as well.

Bdsm sex club parties, submission, a dirty talking dominating Sir, a sassy Amelia, spankings and then there’s some hotter than hot scenes in the car, with some furniture. Oh and let's not forget Sweet Honeydew ;)


But Amelia is always in a constant battle with herself. She knows what she’s doing isn’t right, yet she can’t stay away from Alexander, even when it’s made clear that this is nothing to him and will be over once he leaves to go back to the US.


Amelia is left with the realization that she not only has a "devoted" husband, *asshat* and kids that she doesn’t want to hurt, but she also has Alexander, the once obnoxious player who now is falling for her.


The truth always comes out, and when it does, there is more than just Amelia holding some dark secrets that will explode.

Who will she pick?

The husband with his own secrets or the Dominating Man who has his own fair share of secrets?


Grab the book and find out.

** I feel I need to touch on the BDSM scenes in this book, again yes, I know it's a Book, but it bothered me a lot with being in the lifestyle myself, hence why I took a "Kinky Heel" away.


I won't go into detail on every bit that bothered me, that would not only take away from the amazing story Alexandra has written, but it will also make this review never ending lol

In short, a Master's (or Mistress) is a submissive's protector. Their safety and well being is the number one care and responsibility of a Dominant at All times, in all scenes. He/She is meant to be the submissive's safe haven.


That being said, a submissive isn't a docile mute. If you are being treated poorly, neglected or not cared for properly, walk away, You choose who you give your submission to, you can also choose to take it back. Choose wisely on who you give control to.



The Trident Iceni Grand Tourer aka sex on wheels

Available Now,
The Collaring of Freedom, The Collaring Duet #1

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon AU / B&N (Paperback only)


Also Available,
The Collaring of Sacrifice, The Collaring Duet #2
Or grab the Duet here:
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★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 4 by Ella James

The final installment....
Ok, I'm getting The bad out of the way now, because seriously, the good outweighs it by far.
The ending seemed a little rushed, BUT, with that being said, refer to the note below, there Will be a follow-up story, so not really bad, right?
So now, the story. And what an amazing story! Ella knows how to pull you into her world and keep you on your toes and begging for more.
The rawness, the intensity between Luke and Leah is off the charts, and that’s without even touching on the sex part, which, FYI is enough to leave you dripping.
Everything is thrown out into the open with this final installment as they enter The House and face their pasts. That’s easier said than done for Luke, he’s trapped to his past by his guilt, the only way to get through it is for him to open up and tell Leah everything.
When Luke lets down his wall about what happened to him at Mother's, it’s truly heart-wrenching to relive that through his memories.The shocking and twisted revelations make you not only feel something fierce for the broken man, but it also gives you a complete understanding of the level of pain, physically and mentally, that he was put through, that made him the way he is today.
Leah is one strong woman. She is determined to conquer her past by going head first into The House with Luke. It isn’t long before it’s clear that Luke is holding some secrets, ones she is set on getting to the bottom of. She wants to know who Shelly is, she wants to know what Mother did to him, she wants to know what made him believe he wasn’t deserving of a happy ending.
She refuses to give up on the love she knows exists between her and Luke and is determined not to let him give up either.
Will her gentle soul be able to break through his stubbornness? Will he overcome his past? Will she forgive him when it’s all out in the open? Will this be a HEA? 
Get the book and find out! 
We have had Red, We have had Beast, We have had Hansel …
Who’s next? Rumpelstiltskin?
(fingers crossed)
*Note: Ella recently announced that she will be doing a follow-up story in the future for those who are subscribed to her newsletter. Which you can do by clicking HERE*
Available at:
If you’ve been waiting for the end to start, grab the rest here;
Hansel #1 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #2 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #3 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #4 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks

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★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 3 by Ella James

Noooo ....... That can Not be the ending!
Part 3 picks up right after 2 ended, and wow, if you thought part 2 was intense and full of heartbreaking anguish, then be ready to be crushed with this emotional part. I mean I got so emotionally involved that at 50% I messaged Ella to let her know, that while I love her, that I didn't really like her at that moment in time. Don't fret Ella, I still love ya ;)
I am going to get this out there now, Yes, Hansel is a grade A asshole in this instalment, he is one broken man and he has a lot of dark skeletons hiding in his closet, skeletons that he is afraid will break Leah if she ever knew, and that's something he couldn't live with doing to her. So for 95% of this, he pushes her away. He wants her to hate him enough she won't return, that she will forget about him and move on with a life that she deserves, it's the only way He can see to save her from his fucked-up-ness, even though it's clear to see how much he loves and needs her.
Now, don't mistake Leah as some weak little flower who is completely clueless because that is not the case and thank fuck for that. Leah is clued in that Hansel is pushing her away, what she doesn't know is why. She pushes every button she can to try and get him to open up to her, including venturing out there with a little teasing. She is watching the only person she has ever loved struggle, he is so deeply rooted to his past, and she just wants to help him heal, show him he is deserving of the same future he is wanting for her. While she is trying to face her own demons, she still wants to save him, just as Hansel wants to save her.
The sex?
I feel this needs at least a mention because Damn the scene in the hotel was fucking hot! talk about a #PantyMeltingMoment.
That ending? #HolyMotherFuckingShit!
Hansel and Gretel back in The House.... how can this be anything but disastrous?
I Need book 4, like a few hours ago! Yes, it really took me that long to get my thoughts clear after this one.
Hansel #1 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #2 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #3 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #4 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
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★ Review ☆ Affliction, A Knights Rebel MC Novel #2 by River Savage

CAUTION: You will need shares in Kleenex and Energizer by the time you're done reading this book.
Before I get to my review I have just a little to say about River.
I am part of her fabulous River Rebels StreetTeam, and during the process of her writing Affliction, I watched how she struggled emotionally with Sy and Holly's story.
I can now finally understand why.
River can write pain better than most I know, not just physical but emotional, mental and she does it in a way that you don't just sympathize with them, but you Feel exactly what they are, every raw, brutal, heartbreaking, soul-sucking moment.
This by far is one of the most touching stories I have Ever read.
River, you should be incredibly proud of not just your work, but Yourself.
Ok, Sy and Holly
Affliction runs alongside Incandescent on the timeline for most of the time, in Sy and Holly's POV. But does skip back to Sy's past every so often, giving us a taste of who this gorgeous man is and all of the pain he has endured.
From the second I met these two in Incandescent, I Knew they were perfect for each other. I loved that crazy, full of life Holly and Sy, the sexy ass bad boy... Damn, I knew there was a lot going on under all that bitterness.
Sy has many layers, this brooding bad boy has been dealt a pretty harsh hand at life, shutting people out and not getting emotionally attached is his way of coping. So when a feisty, full of attitude blonde walks into Ink Me with Kadence, he was not expecting to be so affected.
Holly wants to find out just how much ink this biker has, but gets shot down by his silence, that all changes pretty fast when Sy cannot fight his attraction to her.
The cat and mouse chasing between these two is funny as hell, Sy and his over the top demands, insane moods, and panty-soaking dirty mouth, gets under the skin of the flirty, teasing, #NoShitTaking Holly.
In one tragic moment, that vibrant woman is gone, leaving behind a very broken Holly.
But what Sy does next, is breathtaking. No matter how hard it is, no matter how broken he is or how much he is pushed away, he stands strong to be there for her, in-turn making both himself and Holly stronger.
Watching these two build a friendship, building each other back up is remarkable, to say the least, the chemistry is off the charts and when these two unleash all the pent up sexual tension ... Woah! Turn on the fan and forget the panties, these two will steam up more than just the pages.
These two show that no matter how much heartache you've had, how broken you've become, there is always that one person who is there to breathe the life back into you.
I love that we get to see what's happening with Nix and Kadence, as well as all the other guys and a special new meeting of "H" ;)
I can not wait for more from River to meet some more of the Knights Rebels.
I've had my #NixFix my #SyHigh now bring on Jesse. Until then #CockOnRebels
ARC provided by the author for an honest review.
Release Date: November 30th. 2014

Knights Rebels MC Series


Knights Rebels #1, Incandescent;
Review / Amazon US / Amazon CA / Amazon AU / Amazon UK
B&N / Kobo / iBooks


Knights Rebels #2.5, Reclaimed;
Review / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AU

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★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 2 by Ella James

Woah... This is Hansel's story.
Ok, so Hansel #1 left us with some major questions, some are answered in Hansel #2, but this one also leaves you with even More questions.
The book jumps between past and present for Hansel and then switches POV continuously, I've seen a few have a problem with this, personally, I think Ella has done a great job with it and isn't confusing in the least.
I'm over my issue with all the L's, once you get them figured out, its no longer a problem. However, I now have a new problem. Hansel, Edger, Lucas. Hopefully, he sticks with one name only, for now, I'll stick with calling him Hansel :)
Hansel is one tormented man, you can feel the anguish flow from every page, yes I cried a little.
His childhood, all the way up until his time with Mother Goose is heartbreaking, and sadly, it seems like his crap luck didn't change after freeing himself from The House.
Leah has mopped about long enough after being sent away by Hansel and realizes that its time she leaves Las Vegas, well after one night out drinking, something to get her through the night until she can leave Las Vegas and Hansel behind.
Fate doesn't want that to happen...
Hansel is a wreck after realizing he has just sent Leah away, it pushes him over the edge and sends him on a drinking bender that leads him to a charity fight at a hotel, one that Leah just happens to end up in.
Fights, drinks, and loose tongues make up for a very interesting and revealing night for Leah. While she takes him home and tends to his wounds, Hansel in his drunken state lets a few things slip, things that make her run.
But when she is invited back by Hansel, can Leah give him the pain he has grown to need, or will she succeed in showing him that there are other ways, that he is also not only capable of love, but that he deserves it?
What does the future hold for the man who can't bring himself to speak of his past, and the woman who won't quit trying to get him to open up? What the heck did Mother Goose do to Hansel?
 Only book #3 will tell!


Hansel #1 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #2 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #3 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #4 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks

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★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 1 by Ella James

Ok, so let's just start by saying this is my first Ella James experience and DAMN!

What a kinky, twisted mind this woman has, I think I'm developing a bit of a girl crush (again lol)

This book gives you past and present, giving you a look at what happened to shape the people Leah (Gretel) and Lucas (Hansel) are today.


Ten years ago...

Leah, the gorgeous blond hair, blue-eyed beauty, who's life was near perfect. Great parents, amazing sisters, she was enjoying being a teen, having fun with friends and being carefree. That's until Mother Goose ripped her from the world she knew, changed her name and left her alone in her new room in The House.

But she wasn't truly alone, Mother Goose has been filling up every other room, collecting characters to try and make her storybook house complete. And next to her room housed her "Brother," Hansel.

Hansel has been in The House for too many years to remember, he's been listening to Gretel cry continuously for days, and needed a way to connect with her, need to make her feel at ease with him. But he has his own demons.

Mother Goose only lets him out of his room while everyone else is kept locked up, but when he returns he's more withdrawn than the time before, until he comes back to Gretel, with bloodstained hands.

They are free.



Present day...


The Enchanted Forest, that's where Leah has been dragged by her sister, Lana, who is getting married and wants one last hoorah at a BDSM sex club before she gets married.

Leah is unsure of all this, after all, it is exactly like she saw in The House, but even as her anxiety peeks, she follows along until she is facing the stage, until she was facing Her Hansel.

Hansel, who goes by few names, is looking for his next private submissive, but he is very selective.

Natural blond hair, blue eyes, 5'1 - 5'5, wide hips and a nice plump ass. No exceptions.

While he may be trying to forget his time at The House, he is certainly trying to keep His Gretel fresh in his mind by recreating her in every submissive that comes his way.

Leah wants him, craves him and it's clear to her that he still thinks of her, after all, his stage was her room, the blond was Her. When she sees an opening as his submissive, she has to try ...

Ooo... Dying to know what happens next!

My only issue would be, Leah, Lana, Laura, Lucas, Leda, Luna... There are so many other names out there where they didn't all have to be L's.

Oh and "lasdjlkdfjl" and "alksjdfd"... What the fuck?

If you don't like cliffys, I suggest grabbing book 2 before you start ;)


Hansel #1 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #2 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #3 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks
Hansel #4 – Amazon / B&N / iBooks

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