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☆ ҉ ☆ Review ☆ ҉ ☆ Sin & Secrets: New York Crime Kings #2 by Skyla Madi

Sin & Secrets  - Skyla Madi Twisted: Round Two (Broken Book 2) - Skyla Madi, James T. Miller
Sin & Secrets (New York Crime Kings Book 2) by [Madi, Skyla] 
Sin & Secrets New York Crime Kings #2 by Skyla Madi
Hot damn! This series just keeps getting better.
Sin & Secret picks up right where Blood & Rust left off, If you haven't read it yet, grab it HERE!
In an organized underground fighting operation filled to the brim with seasoned fighters and murderous criminals, it really is
as simple as, Fight (and win) or Die!


Emily is still trapped underground with Skull, the man who terrifies the hell out of her while thinking he "owns" her but who can guarantee her survival, at a price. And Jai . . . . The one she finds herself drawn to even while being extremely angry with him over his involvement in her winning round one.
But as much as Emily wants to go it alone, she knows she isn't cut out for the cunning and ruthlessness this world survives on. Her options are to risk it with siding with Skull or admit she needs Jai to get out alive, just as much as he needs her to find out about his brother.
Jai's mission has been to find Joel, at any cost. But that is not the only thing that fuels this dangerously gorgeous man. He has been a bit of a mystery, keeping his personal life to himself, but in this book, that's all about to change.
We get a good dose of who Jai Stone really is, what he has done to get to where he is and all about the chain of disastrous events that unfolded for Jai and his family at the hands of Skull, leaving him on an all-consuming road of revenge.
Now he is faced with a new problem. His need to protect and claim Emily as his own is outweighing using her to get information from Skull. He wants her. 
But can he really keep Emily safe and get them Both out alive, or will she need to sharpen her claws in order to survive two men with a feud that runs deeper than first thought? 
Grab it and find out! 

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