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★ REVIEW ☆ Paradox: A Knights Rebels MC by River Savage

Paradox: A Knights Rebels What If - River Savage, Becky Johnson


Paradox by River Savage.
I was lucky enough to win an arc from River and to say I was a little worried going into this, is an understatement. I mean seriously, I F'love Nix and hearing that in this version, he isn't the man we all have fallen for was, well scary.
But in true River style, she hits it out of the park! (And also leaves me with tears, again)
River is well known for her dirty talking alpha bikers and sassy as hell women and that doesn't change with this novella. With just as much raw, heated and twisted beauty that the others in the series have, this one has a darker edge, one that leaves you sitting there with your mouth open wide or screaming "NOOOO NIX (and others) WOULD NOT ....."
In Paradox, think again, Nix (and others) would!
Everyone wonders "What if?" Well, there's no need to wonder for The Knights Rebels anymore. Paradox flips Incandescent and shows you exactly how things could have gone for Nix and Kadence if they took a different path.  One much more dark and gritty.
Some would say you should read incandescent first, but honestly, I don't think you "have" to, but you sure will want after this one.
From start to finish, this has your adrenaline pumping, your anger boiling, your "WTF's" flying, your panties wet (duh, it's River Savage!) and your heart melting even more for these two.
River, I know you don't get to read every review written, but if you happen to stumble on this one, I F'LOVE YOU, LADY! Not only are you (and the other authors) AMAZEBALLS for donating all proceeds to such a great cause, but you are one extraordinarily talented author and woman. I am so honored to not only get to watch all your magic unfold in all of your stories but to also be part of such a kickass wacky family, River's Rebels
Oh and I owe you more bullets for the tears you made me cry ;)
#CockOn #NixFix #AllIsRightAgain #BringOnJesse
Only available via River's website HERE 
Lil Maso Nix