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★ Review ☆ Tasting The Teacher: Lessons in Lust #1 by Jodie Jacobs

Hmm... How does one review a 16-page story without giving everything away?

Alright, I am going to slap a huge SPOILER warning right here, because I don't think it's possible for me not to give anything away.


When I was contacted to review this, I was told it was a "hot 15-minutes' entertainment"

Now, I didn't take her fully serious. I thought maybe it was like 30-40 pages but was so good/hot that it felt like 15 minutes. She wasn't kidding, I actually finished it in less than 15 minutes.


Because it's roughly 16 pages long, I can not justify giving it more than 3 stars. It's not because it's not a good story, it's sheerly because it's basically 16 pages of sex.

I love me some hot sex scenes, and this has Hot Sex, but I do like a story to go with it, and that's not something I found with this one.


Damon is your typical 18-year-old, he spends his time in class fantasizing about having sex with his maths teacher instead of doing his actual work.

When confronted with the reality of not passing, he confesses to Miss Jordan that he is willing to do anything he has to in order to pass maths.


Funnily enough, Miss Jordan is only too happy to help and has him meet her at the library after closing.

Things heat up instantly, bringing Damon's fantasies crashing into his reality.

But it looks like Miss Jordan has some other ideas...


*ARC received in exchange for an honest review*
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Book #2, Two for the Teacher



About the Author;

Jodie spends her days on the Queensland Coast, Australia, with her head tucked in a book and her fingers hard at work on her laptop.

Enjoying her quiet family life with her husband and son, Jodie finds pleasure in giving readers a taste of the naughty and the erotic.