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★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 4 by Ella James

Hansel 4: An Erotic Fairy Tale - Ella James
The final installment....
Ok, I'm getting The bad out of the way now, because seriously, the good outweighs it by far.
The ending seemed a little rushed, BUT, with that being said, refer to the note below, there Will be a follow-up story, so not really bad, right?
So now, the story. And what an amazing story! Ella knows how to pull you into her world and keep you on your toes and begging for more.
The rawness, the intensity between Luke and Leah is off the charts, and that’s without even touching on the sex part, which, FYI is enough to leave you dripping.
Everything is thrown out into the open with this final installment as they enter The House and face their pasts. That’s easier said than done for Luke, he’s trapped to his past by his guilt, the only way to get through it is for him to open up and tell Leah everything.
When Luke lets down his wall about what happened to him at Mother's, it’s truly heart-wrenching to relive that through his memories.The shocking and twisted revelations make you not only feel something fierce for the broken man, but it also gives you a complete understanding of the level of pain, physically and mentally, that he was put through, that made him the way he is today.
Leah is one strong woman. She is determined to conquer her past by going head first into The House with Luke. It isn’t long before it’s clear that Luke is holding some secrets, ones she is set on getting to the bottom of. She wants to know who Shelly is, she wants to know what Mother did to him, she wants to know what made him believe he wasn’t deserving of a happy ending.
She refuses to give up on the love she knows exists between her and Luke and is determined not to let him give up either.
Will her gentle soul be able to break through his stubbornness? Will he overcome his past? Will she forgive him when it’s all out in the open? Will this be a HEA? 
Get the book and find out! 
We have had Red, We have had Beast, We have had Hansel …
Who’s next? Rumpelstiltskin?
(fingers crossed)
*Note: Ella recently announced that she will be doing a follow-up story in the future for those who are subscribed to her newsletter. Which you can do by clicking HERE*
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