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★ Review ☆ Burn, Songs of Submission # 5, CD Reiss

Burn - C.D. Reiss
Book 5, Burn. 197pg ebook

“What we have isn't something we made. It’s something that existed before we even met.” 

Ok so I am just going to get this off my chest and out there....  
Much better ;)
Burn is in both Jonathan and Monica's POV again, and I am so glad CD choose to continue like this. Watching how they both are dealing with things draws you deeper into the story.
Jonathan is patiently waiting for Monica to return to him after leaving him standing alone at the door as she ran off in the cab. He keeps tabs on her, just to feel close to her. To know she is safe. To have some form of her in his life. To show her that she belongs to him, not just her body, but her heart.

“I feel your hands on your phone when you read my texts."

Monica does everything she can do to keep away from him, and away from her house after the cameras were found. She plods along, and on the outside she seems fine, coping with being alone once again. But on the inside, she is a mess. She has realized that she loves the one man who she can't have. It would ruin her. But she can't really let go. 

“I missed his sharp tongue and his strong arms. Yes, I missed his dick and all our play, but it was the loss of his stare, the warmth of his attention, and the emotional safety of his sphere of influence made me feel unmoored.” 

The bitch rears her head once again, she can't leave well enough alone, and rocks up at Jonathan's, wanting him back, begging for him to take her how he likes, Jonathan knows she is up to something, he just can't put his finger on it. Or belt. 
Monica finishes up her art project with Darren and Kevin when things take a turn for the worse, and throw Jonathan right back in her lap, leaving her fighting her inner self for control over the situation. But this time, Jonathan isn't willing to just play a game and bed her, he wants her for Keeps, and is prepared to wait for her to come back to him, willingly and without it being about sex.

"What do you want Monica?"
"I want you."
"You want me, what?"
"To take me to bed."
"I'm not a toy." He said it while kissing my ear and touching my throat, his erection firm on my belly. He used his most tender voice. "You can't throw me away, then reel me back whenever you feel like fucking."

The sex, or should I say the sexual tension during this book is incredible, there was so many time I screamed at my kindle "Just f*** her already!" I must have seemed like a crazy woman to some of my family and friends ;)
Jonathan is even more lovable than ever if you can believe that. His self-control and restraint is flawless, flawlessly frustrating. But the wait ..... so worth it. The soft and gentle Dominant with the wild begging Goddess. The new addition to their little sex list ::fans face:: H.O.T, and that's not from the steam in the bathroom.
Just when you think things are finally looking up, the sky is beautiful, Monica is in Jonathan's arms, and he has just let out some earth shattering news, and BAM! CD rips the rug out from underneath us and leaves us with the mother of all cliffhanger endings, having me yet again yelling at my poor kindle. 
I just KNOW Jessica is behind this, all of this!!! 
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