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★ Review ☆ My Fair Dork, Men of Holsum College # 8, Daisy Harris

My Fair Dork - Daisy Harris

Book 8, My Fair Dork. 134pg ebook

" 'Aren't gay guys supposed to be all stylish and hip?" Owen smiled as he said it - making it sound like he was flirting, or at least teasing.
Harold frowned. "Of course. And we all have lisps and tiny dogs we spoil.' "

And the end is here *sad face*
4.5 kinky heels here, the ending was too rushed for me.
Let's meet Harold, the dorky, lovable and shy gay freshman who is hiding a HUGE secret;he is hung like a horse, no seriously, he is Huge. 
So big in fact that it has left Harold quiet self-conscious and he believes he is doomed to only ever living the life of a bottom.
He has a lot of insecurities, which stem from a life or torment during his high school years, that he is sure will spill over into his College years, so he hides away in his over-sized baggy clothes hoping no one notices him. Well that's until his crush, Owen, walks in on him in the shower.
Owen is yet another athlete. The gorgeous jock who has a heart, who is admired by everyone and who is rarely, if ever, is told No. 
Owen is Bi-sexual, and very much in the closet about that. A few years earlier, After fooling around and masturbating with a few boys, he came out to his family about liking boys, but after they made a huge deal of it, he jumped right back into that closet and locked the doors behind him, playing the straight card from that day on.
When he stumbled upon Harold and his secret in the showers, Owen is left wanting to get up close and personal with that mammoth and takes on the task of befriending Harold and originally getting him a girl.  
Owen is a little surprised to learn that Harold is gay, but continues to hang out and even gives him a little makeover to get him out of those baggy clothes and into something more fitting. 
Which is where things take an interesting turn. Flirting banter and light brushes against Harold's mammoth is where things turn from friendship into something more, something that Owen tries to deny for most of the book.
Watching these two young men struggle with their insecurities, and with their self-image is precious. This cuts into how some view their reputations and opinions from others higher than the feelings of those they love.
It's a wonderful journey watching them both mature and turn into the men they were always meant to be with
 touching heartfelt moments and some heartbreaking ones as well, but they are well balanced with the fun and excitement. 
"But what about the sex?" I hear you all asking, well just like normal Daisy delivers blood boiling, heart racing, sweaty mess of sex to keep us all happy. 
We even have some risky public scenes here. 
The ending for me seemed a little rushed, and I would have loved to have had a little more time with these two. We get some appearances from others from previous books and even a little from some new guys who could possibly make the 9th book? *hint hint Mr. Harris ;) *
Now while I am devastated that this truly is the end, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, there is more from Daisy Harris. check out Daisy's links (bottom of every review plus on the home page) for her other series, as well as her HOT Holsum College Tumblr blog (18+ ONLY)
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