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★ Review ☆ Diva and the Frat Boy, Men of Holsum College # 2, Daisy Harris

Book 2, Diva and the Frat Boy. 198pg ebook


"C’mon. You look amazing. And if you’re a good boy and stay hard for me, I’ll fuck you behind a dorm halfway through the party."

I am lovin' the Holsum College series! 
I was over the moon to see that Nathaniel was getting his own story.
I loved the fun, flamboyant, over the top, larger then life Nat from College Boys, and that certainly didn't change in this book.
They all say opposites attract, that couldn't be more true for Nat and Greg. 
Greg is the quieter out of the two, he fits in everywhere he goes, the "straight looking" gay man. 
While Nat is loud, proud, and out there, he could never pass as a straight guy. He has a tenancy to make a lot of people uncomfortable, there is no other way for him to be, which is the reason he isn't widely accepted by his peers.
Everything is a "hook up" for Nat, he is use to being discarded the next morning when they treat him like crap. Not having any expectations of a long time partner, especially not a partner like Greg. 
Greg, the president of Eta Xi has held a torch for Nat for months, but doesn't act on it while Nat was a pledge and the frat was considering him, he wants Nat to want him, not just because he thought it could help him get into Eta Xi. 
When the decision is made, there is no longer anything standing in Greg's way.
This book shows the struggles they both have.
Nat has a hard time with accepting that maybe Greg really does want him, for more then meaningless sex.
And at times Greg has a hard time with how "flaming" Nat is. 
In a way, this book is not only about how opposites attract, a love story, a hot erotic book. Its about acceptance of ones self.
I love that Daisy gave us a little snippet of a few years later <3
And now I am off to eagerly start book 3 
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