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★ Review ☆ College Boys, Men of Holsum College # 1, Daisy Harris

College Boys - Daisy Harris
Book 1, College Boys. 115pg ebook.

“If this was their only time together, Peter wanted to make sure Chris would never forget.” 

This is my first Daisy experience, a very pleasurable experience.
This book is sweet, daring, awkward and incredibly hot!
You have spunky soccer player Chris.
His mother recently passed, and he wanted some time alone, so moves into a single room on campus.
He and his next door neighbor have a bit of "tent" history, and in no time take up a through-the-walls relationship.
Then there's yummy Peter, the out there gay student who's been crushing on the straight kid for months.
When Chris moves in next door things heat up through the paper thin wall that they can hear every word, movement, and moan.
What starts out as some harness banter leads to masturbating together between the wall, which moves Chris to question his sexuality.
The sex scenes.... In one word, incredible!
They were sweet, raw, a combination of inexperience and nervousness, passion and damn hot!
I love the through the wall scenes, they are quite unique.
I love both the characters and was praying things would work for them from the start.
I'm only slightly disappointed that we don't find out what happened when they left campus for the summer when Chris came out.
However, I am hoping to have some little appearances from them in the coming books.
I most certainly enjoyed my time at Holsum College, and have every intention on sticking around to read the rest.
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**** I received this via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. ****

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