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★ Review ☆ Run to You by Kandice Michelle Young

Run To You - Kandice Michelle Young
Kandice Michelle Young's debut novel has love, hot sex, secretive sexy alpha, a damaged woman and finding trust and security in the lest likely places. This one leaves you on a cliffy that will either have you pulling your hair out, or begging for more.
Dani doesn't come from money; she believes one should earn everything they have, and that just what she has done. She worked hard and graduated from UCLA and has just moved to New York with her gay bestie, who is her rock, and vice versa.
But not everything is all peaches for Dani, she is fighting some serious demons, but is determined to not let them define the woman she is.
Starting her new job in her dream company, P.E.S, everything seems to be happening for her and her fresh start.
Then he enters...
Sebastian Black, the most eligible billionaire bachelor.
He has a long line of women wanting his time, and he's willing to give it to selected women. So long as they sign his very strict contract.
When his eyes meet Dani's, it's an instant off the charts connection. He knows he must have her and he makes sure that he does.
It doesn’t take long before Sebastian starts breaking all of his own rules just to keep Dani in his life.
But Dani isn’t the only one with some demons; Sebastian has his own secrets that he holds close to his chest.
Will they tear these two apart, or will their love win out?
Ok, so the story sounds good, right? We thought that too, but don't completely agree anymore.
The book is roughly 300 pages, and I struggled to read at least 200 of them. I mean, I Choose to clean the bathroom instead of reading this book
Let me explain why.
I’ve seen comments here and there about this book, and they all say the same kind of thing.

"It’s like fifty shades"


Well, they aren't wrong there, and that’s not really a good thing.
The reason it’s like "reading Fifty Shades" again, is because you basically are.
I felt like I had read this story, a few times actually.
For me, I found far too many similarities with situations, locations and speech between Sebastian and E.L James' Christian Grey and Jodi Ellen Malpas' Jesse Ward.
I can list at least 7 Massive similarities between Run to You and Fifty Shades and This Man trilogy, and for me, that is far too many and this needed to be brought up.
I can hear you all now,

"So why a 3 star rating if it’s basically a few books thrown together to make one?"


That’s simple, the beginning was so promising, the first chapter had me; I mean I was completely invested in this story.
And then Christian Grey entered, I mean Jesse Ward... Sorry, I mean Sebastian Black, and that's when everything went downhill.
It did pick back up towards the end and I found myself getting into the book again. Sadly though, (for me) the final chapter was just like reading a scene straight from Fifty Shades Red Room.
So, will I read book #2, Run From You?
Yes. I will give it a try, and hopefully, this one is more of an original.
I would love to know more from Dani's past, that part is what drew me in to start with.
The same with Sebastian's past, I think he could have a great story to tell.
Kandice is a new author with A LOT of potentials, and I would love for her to succeed with this series.
*Nyx has marked this as DNF at 45%*
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Meet the Author
Kandice is…
…a serial lover of all things pink, self-proclaimed chocoholic, home-schooling mother, and wannabe yogi.
Her debut erotica novel, Run to You, the first in the series Run, is coming soon.
Kandi’s love of storytelling can be traced back to her fourth grade year, when a history lesson on Native Americans became too unimaginative for her liking. She took it upon herself to liven things up by creating a story that was based on half-truths about a self-named Indian Princess. Kandice is in fact of Native American heritage (her great-grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee) and in her own mind a princess, so you can see where her inspiration came from. Her story was a huge hit with friends, and an author was born.
Kandice was born and raised in rural Arkansas, where she currently lives with her husband and three children. Though, if you ask her she’ll confirm that her soul is lost somewhere on the west coast waiting for the day that her body can rejoin it.
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