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★ Review ☆ Reclaimed, Knights Rebels MC #2.5 By River Savage

Reclaimed - River Savage
Postpartum depression.

It’s something we all know exists, but it’s not something that is often spoken about in the books we read. Come to think of it, I’ve not read a single book (or novella) that has postpartum depression as the main focus. I guess a lot of authors don’t want to create that kind of shit-storm in their stories.


I for one am glad it was River that wrote this story. She is an author who doesn’t shy away from the ugliness that life throws at us all; instead, she drags us through hell and then shows us that there really is happiness on the other side. Seriously this woman can write anything and it will be a 5-star #OneClick read.


In Incandescence, we fall in love with Nix for this dirty mouth, his fierce love for his woman and of course, all that hot alpha-ness that just drips from him. Kadence and her sassy mouth, no shit-taking attitude had me with a serious girl crush. In Reclaimed, we see a different side to these two.


Kadence is a newly married woman to The Nix Knight and a mother to Z and new baby, Harlow.She should be on top of the world, right? Wrong.


Kadence isn't bonding with Low and she doesn't understand why. Motherhood has dragged her into the dark depths of depression where not only does she fear she's failing as a mother and wife, but that perhaps this was a mistake.


She doesn't want to be with her daughter more than absolutely necessary, and the thought of having to be alone with Low spikes a fear so powerful, it practically leaps off the page. being When Nix forces her to look after Low on her own in a last attempt to try and bring her back, her anxiety hits rock bottom.


All too often the father's struggles are forgotten when a mother goes through postpartum depression. Thankfully, River shows just how hard it is for the husbands too. How much of a strain it places on the marriage, and how Love isn’t a fight, but something worth fighting for.

Nix loves his family fiercely. His loyalty and devotion to Kadence shine through like a beacon in this dark time.


He is falling apart. He feels like he has failed his family, failed his wife. Kadence may be there in body, but he has lost the woman he fell in love, her fire and sass have been put out and he has no idea how to get her back.She isn't the only one lost thought.


Nix has lost part of himself over the last few months while he has been treading water, keeping them both afloat.


Nix will stop at nothing to bring her back to him, to bring them both back.


In true River style, you can expect things to heat up and leave you hot and bothered. This novella may have a lot of pain and self-discovery, but as always, you are left laughing your ass off and begging for more.


Let's not forget, this is a Knights Rebels novella, meaning we get a little fix of Sy, Holly, Jesse, Beau, and Brooks.


There is always a light at the end, even if it is in the form of an alpha biker with something small and blue ;)


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(Released on February 17th!)
Reclaimed will follow Nix and Kadence but ALL the MC men have an appearance, so it is crucial that you read the start of their story in Incandescent.
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