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★ Review ☆ Play Hard: Hot For Him #1 J.T. Fox

Title: Play Hard
Series: Hot For Him #1
Author: J.T. Fox

This is J.T. Fox's debut novella, and while I enjoyed the story, my exceptions fell very short due to the warning. 

"WARNING: Contains two dirty-talking, hard-f*cking, no-apology-making alpha males. Read at your own risk." 

Let's just get this out there, There is NO hard fucking. There is No fucking at all. 
There is a hot handjob and a steamy head job, and some hot self-pleasuring, but that is where it ends. Which is why my rating is a 3.5 star.

Now, before someone gives me the "there doesn't have to be sex in a book" comment, that is true, but I was under the impression I was in for some hot, hard alpha sex, which turned out to be a letdown.


Alright, now with that out of the way, let's get to the story. 


NFL superstar, Eric "The Brick" Higgins has it all. The luxurious childhood, the money, talent, the looks, the heart and the sworn of adoring fans. But Eric doesn't have one thing that he has wanted for years. He doesn't have Jordan. 


Jordan Barr grew up opposite from Eric. Family is everything. Losing his dad ay a young age and his mother suffering from MS, Jordan had to grow up fast to make sure he could give his family the best he could. Which meant his love life being benched until his sister has finished school, but for him, its a sacrifice worth making. 


Eric and Jordan haven't seen each other for years, but when fate throws them together again, the desire Eric once felt for Jordan has been set on fire and he isn't shy about letting him know. 


Getting involved with Eric is the last thing Jordan needs. Just coming back from an injury and the recent scandal between their football clubs, Jordan knows its a bad idea. But sometimes you can't fight what feels right. 


There is something standing in their way, Neither of these men are openly gay. 
While Eric would probably do fine, this is a secret that could destroy all that Jordan has worked hard for. . . . 


This story end of a serious cliffy! 


Now, while I was let down a little with this story, I will still be on the lookout for part two, Play Harder. This debut author has the potential to make this into a memorable series.



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