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★ Review ☆ The Collar of Freedom, The Collar Duet #1 by Alexandra I

The Collar of Freedom: The Collar Duet, Book 1 - Alexandra I

Firstly, I feel I need to give you guys a bit of background on this one.

I was in a serious runt when I was given an ARC a while back for this before it was released and contacted the authors PA because I couldn’t give it anything over a 3 star, to be completely honest, it would have been more of a 1 -2 star rating, which as you guys know, I don’t like to do.


Something about the book just wasn’t sitting with me; I couldn’t get into it and also has some serious problems with both Alexander and Amelia (lead characters.)

Well, Alexandra I contacted me in regards to the second book in The Collar Duet Series, and I thought, why not give this little book a re-read.

I am glad I did.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have a few issues (I'll get to later), but nothing like before, hence the 4 Kinky Heels rating.


After finding out she was pregnant, Amelia married to the only man she’s ever been with, literately. She sacrificed her family and friends and moved herself and her twins from the US to England to support his career. They were only supposed to be there a year, but 10 years later they are still in London and in a very loveless and lonely marriage. One where it appears her husband is more interested in dragging her down, instead of putting her on a throne as a loving husband should.


Amelia has lost part of herself, part of who she is other than a mother and a wife, she is questioning where her life could have gone if she hadn’t had the kids so soon into the relationship and the only thing she gets excited with anymore is cars, she is total car-whore. I can totally respect and understand being a car/bike-whore myself.


Then enters Alexander Reeves in The Trident Iceni Grand Tourer (for the non-car-whores, I will add a picture below, Alexandra picked one of the sexiest cars around.)


The new boss from the US renders Amelia speechless with his alluring physique, powerful and dominating presence and his voice …. Low, husky and a complete knee-weakening sound.


The moment their eyes lock, nothing else exists. The instant sexual chemistry oozing from the pair of them is insane and has her running off to meet up with her hubby for some spontaneous sex after Alexander making her all hot and bothered, something that just doesn’t happen too often.

For Alexander, he Has to have her, he doesn’t care if she is married or not, he knows he had her wet, and if he makes her wet, he believes it’s his right to satisfy her, no matter what.


Amelia, doesn’t want an affair, she doesn’t want to be a cheater and put that out there right away, but that doesn’t stop her, nor does that it stops Alexanders advancements towards her.

"You have my word, I will not fuck you. I will not touch you at all. In theory, you are not cheating and I am not interfering. I have said, if I make you wet, I would like to see you come. That’s all. No touching, hugging, pillow talk. There is nothing profound in this. I am not falling in love with you, and you’re not having an affair with me. In fact, if I get another woman wet and deprived, I’d expect her to come for me too. Of course, unless she is single. Then I’d fuck her brains out."


This is where I have a problem. With both Alexander and Amelia

Throughout all this, Alexander keeps up with the "I don’t do affairs" speech, but at Every opportunity, he is all over Amelia like a rash for one reason or another, normally to get her to agree to masturbate for him.


And Amelia is just the same, thinking that by doing what he wants, that he will leave her alone and she can go back to her worthless marriage and that everything is perfectly fine.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s beyond hot and "just" a book, it bugs me to no end that they think having her masturbate for him isn’t classed as cheating.


Call a spade a spade, and be done with it. I wouldn’t have had an issue with any of that IF it was just put out there that he didn’t care about anything other than watching her come for him, and in all honesty, that’s what she really wanted also. Other than that issue, it’s damn hot!


Ok, back to the story.


When Amelia gives in, things heat up fast. The sex will burn up the pages and your panties as well.

Bdsm sex club parties, submission, a dirty talking dominating Sir, a sassy Amelia, spankings and then there’s some hotter than hot scenes in the car, with some furniture. Oh and let's not forget Sweet Honeydew ;)


But Amelia is always in a constant battle with herself. She knows what she’s doing isn’t right, yet she can’t stay away from Alexander, even when it’s made clear that this is nothing to him and will be over once he leaves to go back to the US.


Amelia is left with the realization that she not only has a "devoted" husband, *asshat* and kids that she doesn’t want to hurt, but she also has Alexander, the once obnoxious player who now is falling for her.


The truth always comes out, and when it does, there is more than just Amelia holding some dark secrets that will explode.

Who will she pick?

The husband with his own secrets or the Dominating Man who has his own fair share of secrets?


Grab the book and find out.

** I feel I need to touch on the BDSM scenes in this book, again yes, I know it's a Book, but it bothered me a lot with being in the lifestyle myself, hence why I took a "Kinky Heel" away.


I won't go into detail on every bit that bothered me, that would not only take away from the amazing story Alexandra has written, but it will also make this review never ending lol

In short, a Master's (or Mistress) is a submissive's protector. Their safety and well being is the number one care and responsibility of a Dominant at All times, in all scenes. He/She is meant to be the submissive's safe haven.


That being said, a submissive isn't a docile mute. If you are being treated poorly, neglected or not cared for properly, walk away, You choose who you give your submission to, you can also choose to take it back. Choose wisely on who you give control to.



The Trident Iceni Grand Tourer aka sex on wheels

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