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★ Review ☆ Affliction, A Knights Rebel MC Novel #2 by River Savage

Affliction - River Savage
CAUTION: You will need shares in Kleenex and Energizer by the time you're done reading this book.
Before I get to my review I have just a little to say about River.
I am part of her fabulous River Rebels StreetTeam, and during the process of her writing Affliction, I watched how she struggled emotionally with Sy and Holly's story.
I can now finally understand why.
River can write pain better than most I know, not just physical but emotional, mental and she does it in a way that you don't just sympathize with them, but you Feel exactly what they are, every raw, brutal, heartbreaking, soul-sucking moment.
This by far is one of the most touching stories I have Ever read.
River, you should be incredibly proud of not just your work, but Yourself.
Ok, Sy and Holly
Affliction runs alongside Incandescent on the timeline for most of the time, in Sy and Holly's POV. But does skip back to Sy's past every so often, giving us a taste of who this gorgeous man is and all of the pain he has endured.
From the second I met these two in Incandescent, I Knew they were perfect for each other. I loved that crazy, full of life Holly and Sy, the sexy ass bad boy... Damn, I knew there was a lot going on under all that bitterness.
Sy has many layers, this brooding bad boy has been dealt a pretty harsh hand at life, shutting people out and not getting emotionally attached is his way of coping. So when a feisty, full of attitude blonde walks into Ink Me with Kadence, he was not expecting to be so affected.
Holly wants to find out just how much ink this biker has, but gets shot down by his silence, that all changes pretty fast when Sy cannot fight his attraction to her.
The cat and mouse chasing between these two is funny as hell, Sy and his over the top demands, insane moods, and panty-soaking dirty mouth, gets under the skin of the flirty, teasing, #NoShitTaking Holly.
In one tragic moment, that vibrant woman is gone, leaving behind a very broken Holly.
But what Sy does next, is breathtaking. No matter how hard it is, no matter how broken he is or how much he is pushed away, he stands strong to be there for her, in-turn making both himself and Holly stronger.
Watching these two build a friendship, building each other back up is remarkable, to say the least, the chemistry is off the charts and when these two unleash all the pent up sexual tension ... Woah! Turn on the fan and forget the panties, these two will steam up more than just the pages.
These two show that no matter how much heartache you've had, how broken you've become, there is always that one person who is there to breathe the life back into you.
I love that we get to see what's happening with Nix and Kadence, as well as all the other guys and a special new meeting of "H" ;)
I can not wait for more from River to meet some more of the Knights Rebels.
I've had my #NixFix my #SyHigh now bring on Jesse. Until then #CockOnRebels
ARC provided by the author for an honest review.
Release Date: November 30th. 2014

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