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★ Review ☆ Hansel, part 3 by Ella James

Hansel, Part III - Ella James
Noooo ....... That can Not be the ending!
Part 3 picks up right after 2 ended, and wow, if you thought part 2 was intense and full of heartbreaking anguish, then be ready to be crushed with this emotional part. I mean I got so emotionally involved that at 50% I messaged Ella to let her know, that while I love her, that I didn't really like her at that moment in time. Don't fret Ella, I still love ya ;)
I am going to get this out there now, Yes, Hansel is a grade A asshole in this instalment, he is one broken man and he has a lot of dark skeletons hiding in his closet, skeletons that he is afraid will break Leah if she ever knew, and that's something he couldn't live with doing to her. So for 95% of this, he pushes her away. He wants her to hate him enough she won't return, that she will forget about him and move on with a life that she deserves, it's the only way He can see to save her from his fucked-up-ness, even though it's clear to see how much he loves and needs her.
Now, don't mistake Leah as some weak little flower who is completely clueless because that is not the case and thank fuck for that. Leah is clued in that Hansel is pushing her away, what she doesn't know is why. She pushes every button she can to try and get him to open up to her, including venturing out there with a little teasing. She is watching the only person she has ever loved struggle, he is so deeply rooted to his past, and she just wants to help him heal, show him he is deserving of the same future he is wanting for her. While she is trying to face her own demons, she still wants to save him, just as Hansel wants to save her.
The sex?
I feel this needs at least a mention because Damn the scene in the hotel was fucking hot! talk about a #PantyMeltingMoment.
That ending? #HolyMotherFuckingShit!
Hansel and Gretel back in The House.... how can this be anything but disastrous?
I Need book 4, like a few hours ago! Yes, it really took me that long to get my thoughts clear after this one.
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