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★ Review ☆ The Touch She Craves, Ginger Powers

The Touch She Craves - Ginger Powers, NIck Latigo
The Touch She Craves. 22pg ebook


Now, I will start by saying this, this is a Very short D/s (Dominant/submissive) Erotica novella, coming in at only 22 pages. 

While it is short, and the author is new, she does know how to draw you into the story.

Ginger, a bratty submissive likes to push Nick's buttons, especially when they are in the company of others, others who do not know the nature of their relationship. 

She thought nothing of rolling her eyes at him during a visit with his brother, she assumed she was safe from his punishment until they got home, she was sadly mistaken. 

Nick has finally had enough of Ginger's bratty ways, and has decided to let his brother in on the secret. He is her Master, and she a disrespectful little slave in need of instant punishment. 

From humiliation, time out, and the kisses from her Master's belt, Ginger learns a valuable lesson, Do not disrespect Nick, regardless of who is around.

In my opinion, this feels more like a Chapter from the middle of a novel, this author has a lot of promise if she continues with her story.

I for one, would love to know a little more background history on these two and to see where Ginger Powers can take them.



There's a lot I'm going to second on Lil Maso's review. The story itself is very well told, and I really enjoyed the natural flow of it. In fact, I ended up forgetting about all the grammatical errors that are evident by about page 6 or 7 because the story is THAT well-told.

Just as Lil Maso pointed out, this story could have been expanded into, at the very least, a short novella. I felt the characters and story were strong enough for a longer story, and I would have liked to have read more if it had been available.

Ginger Powers definitely shows some promise! Tell us more, hire a really good copyeditor, and I believe you'll soar! You've definitely got my vote!


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