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★ Review ☆ Exotica, Eden Bradley

Exotica. 336pg ebook

Ok, so 5 Kinky Heels overall, individual rating on each review.

Wow! Romance, erotic, a little pain thrown in... Damn! 
Where do I start with this review?
I guess I'll start with the negative seeing as there is only one, and that is :

Ok now to the positive,

Seven days of Kama Sutra, 147pg: 4 Kinky Heels

Almost 40yr old Lilli has just finalized her divorce from a loser who tore her down and stripped her of her self-worth. After reconnecting with an old friend who happens to be the manager at Exotica, a luxurious fantasy retreat. Lilli finds herself in the Kama Sutra suit, here on a self-discovery, to gain her strength back, to love herself.

Rajan, the 33year old Kama Sutra companion, who's been having a hard time with enjoying his work of late. Finding everything he does a task rather than it flowing as it once did, he begins to question his purpose.

The attraction between these two is evident, the sex... Wow!

His voice was rough with pleasure, as rough as his hand was now on his cock. "I need you to touch me. I need to be inside your lovely body. But at this moment, I can only imagine this is your hand on me." He stroked harder and faster.

::fans face:: yep sex scenes very hot indeed.

Arabian Nights, 151pg: 4.5 Kinky Heels

Caroline, the manager of Exotica, labeled "the ice queen" because she has shut off her emotions, leaving her frigid after a tragic accident 5 years prior. She has become quite a control freak. She decides to take the advice of her friend, Lilli and spend some time in the Arabian Nights suit with the new companion before it officially opens, in hope to relax a little, lose a little control and get herself back.

Kian, the new Arabian night's companion. His name alone oozes Sex! The spoilt youngest son in this family, given everything he wants, including an indulgence of women. Never really feeling anything for anyone, well until now. Dominant, confident, in control and a little cocky, are the first few things that come to mind with Kian.

That chemistry with these two is off the charts. The emotions are raw and draw you closer to the both of them.

The sex? Mind blowing!

Overall, Eden Bradley has created a magical place that captivates the reader and draws you into the actual story. You can almost smell the incense, hear the soft music in the background. And you can certainly feel the sexual build up between the characters. I often found my hand wondering while reading.

Now we just need the other four rooms ;)

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