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★ Review ☆ Pride and Politics, Men of Holsum College # 6, Daisy Harris

Pride and Politics - Daisy Harris
Book 6, Pride and Politics. 145pg ebook
"Come on, already. I don't have all day." Hunter smirked. "I want to see how pretty your cock looks when it comes."
I was pleasantly surprised with how much I ended enjoying this book and gave it a 4.5 rating.
I didn't like Hunter Ford in any of the other books he made an appearance in, however, in this story, you finally understand what Hunter's problem is and sheds some light onto why he is such a jerk, for better words.
Upon starting this book, Hunter comes across as your typical arrogant rich kid who uses his money and good looks to take whatever he pleases with no regards for anyone else's feelings. In this book you will learn the secret that has made this hunk as icy cold as he is.
Hunter is constantly under pressure with the expectations of his family and always being in the public eye, so it's no surprise that he rebels and acts out with his drinking, out of control behavior, and his long list of reckless random sex.
His Uncle has an upcoming Vice Presidential campaign and has hired an Image consultant, Steve, to keep him in line. He instantly doesn't like him or the situation but as time passes, he warms up to his new "handler."
When he is face to face with his haunting past, Hunter leans on Steve, realizing he is the only person that he can trust and exposes the secrets of why he is the callous man he is. setting the path for Hunter to becoming the man he wants to be, a better man, with Steve at his side.
Steve, the older of the two and a lot more mature, isn't too pleased with his current position of being Hunter's babysitter of sorts. He took the job on because he is in need of the money to support his sister in getting her through college.
From the get go, Steve makes it clear that he will not put up with any of Hunters crap, and that he means business. 
It doesn't take too long for his perception of Hunter to change and he finds himself falling for him as Hunter's vulnerability comes to the surface and Steve's fierce protectiveness comes into play.
Now just because this does not take place at Holsum College, don't think that the sex has changed. Fumbling too hard and roughness, on his knees mind-blowing blow-jobs in an alley and gagged dominating limo sex, these two will leave you hot and flustered in no time.
It seems Ms. Harris has a taste for the BDSM, and once again we have some BDSM elements in this story (which I am very grateful for) giving it that extra edge and sauciness.
Watching these two dominating men take control of their new found lives and yes their love for each other is a beautiful journey.

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