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★ Review ☆ Bossy and the Brat, Men of Holsum College # 5, Daisy Harris

Bossy and the Brat - Daisy Harris
Book 5, Bossy and the Brat. 126pg ebook


"Look at you being all heteroflexible."

Now I totally am crushing on Daisy Harris, but this one just wasn't as good as her others for me, it's a 3.5.
That's not to say it was bad, it just.... I guess it's just that things weren't totally believable in this story.
Ok, so we have Cal, the 21-year-old "straight" virgin who happens to be the RA of the dorm, who also has a girlfriend from back home that he is mean to marry, but is secretly head over heels for Tyler. 
Tyler, the super fun loving 18-year-old who is always throwing his heart to others who treat him as nothing more than a hookup, that may be because he is a little on the needy side. Ok, a lot needy.
After Cal and his girlfriend separate things move forward with him and Tyler pretty fast, especially once Tyler gets the idea in his head that maybe Cal is more than just a little interested.
Tyler drives head first into the unknown with Cal, who doesn't take long in giving into what he truly wants. 
Things start out as simple flirting but move's extremely quick into some steamy. 
Cal is focused on not breaking the rules of not dating a freshman due to him being the RA, well he Was the RA, so isn't ready to be public, and keeps Tyler at arm's length, keeping half of the relationship via text messages.
And boy are they some sexy and down right hot messages.
Now, this is where the hard to grasp bit comes into play, Cal jumps right into light kink in the form of a little tying and a lot of Dominance, this kind of threw me, Cal is meant to be a very inexperienced virgin, who is only now coming out about being gay, well to himself and Ty. Adding the Dom element to it was just a little too much for me, especially when he wasn't a Dom with his girlfriend, in fact, she comes across as the one in charge there.
One thing you can always count on at Holsum?  The Sex and the teasing men, and there is no exception here.
The build up is quite hot, to say the least, and the sex... so worth the wait.
Just like the others, its more of a short story, a very easy going, sweet, sensual, funny and damn hot story with a hint of kink.
Moving on to the next in the series, Holsum, I'm here to stay :)
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